By August 30, 2005

That voodoo in you

I’ve been doing a lot of reading in preparation of my zombie campaign, mostly the Year of the Zombie text I purchased, as well as articles/essays on governmental plans in the case of Mutually Assured Destruction, climactic change brought upon by massive warfare, the crippling and collapse of U.S. utilities, and so on.

I have to say, it’s a fucking grim situation. Basically, your odds of surviving are just about zero. If the zombies don’t get you, you have to deal with radioactive fallout, chemical weapons, raiders, slavers, rival groups of survivalists, and all the other fun stuff like, uh, starvation, disease, and suicide.

I had trouble going to sleep last night, thinking intermittently between zombies staggering through my open bedroom door and all the various calamities of any post-apocalyptic world. Of particular bother was protecting any female survivors — especially my Lady Jaye — against the barbarous desires of men no longer fettered by law. I think my last thoughts of the evening were typical of any time I think of home invasion: securing the bedroom, holding off intruders with my Glock until I could bring the Mossberg or the AK to bear. Just like in the upcoming zombie campaign, the trick is surviving long enough to employ Ready Mode.

Once I crashed out everything was fine. I think I was even pleasant this morning when Lady Jaye left for work.

I’m going to finish reading YotZ and possibly check out All Flesh Must Be Eaten, as suggested by . I might read some documents I can find by places like FEMA, or declassified MAD documents, and then I’m going to decide if I want to go through with this campaign milieu or not. I’m not sure that a setting of nearly assured death is a good way to usher three RPG newbies into the past-time.

And I don’t know how much longer I can keep up with thinking about the material.

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