By December 31, 2008

The Best and Worst Gibberish Gadgets of 2008

It’s that time of year: I look around my house and look at all the stuff I bought. What was the best thing I purchased all year? What was the worst? Here’s 2007, and 2005 … looks like I skipped 2006. Whoops!

The best Gibberish gadget of 2008
The HTC Touch / Verizon vx6900
I never gave my Windows Mobile phone a proper review, but that was probably because I was too busy checking email, sending text messages, taking pictures, and approving Gibberish comments on it. Oh yeah, you can call people, too. When I first started my job they didn’t allow access to private email like Gmail or Hotmail, so Touch to the rescue. Thanks to an update to Windows Mobile 6.1 and an unlocked internal GPS receiver, my HTC Touch is a lot more stable and feature-filled than when I bought it at retail. I liked the phone then, and love it now.

Honorable mention: Kapoosh Universal Knife Block. Yeah, it may be droll, but I use it almost every day. The Kapoosh is a product of quiet genius. It is simple and effective, and you don’t realize how much you needed it until you have it. A great product, and a great value at $20.

Worst Gibberish gadget of 2008
This is a no-brainer. The multiple fitting issues, the ranting and admonishment at the hands of Wayne Boyer, the owner of Motoport, and an equally disastrous return process put bitter icing on an already bad cake. In fact, my experience with Motoport may make it the worst Gibberish gadget ever. You have to be a mighty big asshole to dethrone a product that kills dogs, but there you are, Motoport.

Honorable mention:Navigon 2100 Portable GPS. How can you sell a new GPS in 2008 with maps from 2006? Long satellite acquisition times, poor user interface, and an insensitive touch screen display makes this off-brand GPS a stinker.

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