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The Best and Worst Gibberish Gadgets of 2010

I wrote 52 reviews this year. This year was a bit of an oddity; I wrote about a lot of things I really liked, and not too many things that I really hated. There were no clear-cut “losers” this year like the Motoport and SentryPro XFC of the past. I don’t know if this means I got lucky or if I am getting better at buying stuff.

Here’s a look back at the best and worst things I reviewed all year on Gibberish.

The Best Gibberish Gadget of 2010: HTC Droid Incredible Smartphone

This makes the second time a mobile phone has topped my list. The first was my HTC Touch Windows Mobile phone in 2008.

The Incredible certainly lives up to its name. I use it constantly to check email, send text and Google Chat messages, check Facebook, and browse the Web. I love the Google Maps / Google Navigation capability of my phone, which allows me to get voice-based turn-by-turn directions to just about anywhere. While well implemented, these capabilities are par for the course for any Smartphone these days.

Where the Incredible really shines is its integration. I’ve been using Gmail for six and a half years, and the Incredible’s Android OS platform seamlessly integrates with all of my email and most importantly my contacts. There’s no need to sync my contacts any more; I just make the change in Gmail and it is reflected on my phone, and vice versa.

The big eye opener is the cross-application integration. Meeting friends for lunch became a much simpler affair. They would send me a text message or email with an address inside. I can click on the address, and Google Maps looks it up automatically. One more tap and I’m getting directions. Super easy, and super integrated.

Anyway, the Incredible has really changed how I stay connected to the Internet (in fact, I’m using it to tether my laptop until we get broadband in our new house), and it has also changed how I think about mobile Smartphone devices. If this thing had an HDMI or DisplayPort adapter, I’d be tempted to use it as a personal computer replacement.

Best gadget runner-up
This one was a much harder decision. My Acer Aspire 5740 laptop has been fantastic, and at a price I’ve yet to see again. I have also gotten a lot of use out the excellent, excellent Thermos King insulated travel mug and I gave several away as gifts.

However, the runner-up for best gadget of 2010 is the Bunn NHBX-B electric drip coffee maker. The NHBX stepped into some pretty big shoes left by my old Melitta FastBrew. The Bunn makes tasty, very hot coffee very quickly. It has been a great coffee maker, and I hope it lasts for a very long time.

The Worst Gibberish Gadget of 2010: Rosewill 8500 Nano Notebook Mouse

Now, it’s hard to be really mean about something when losers from previous year included a product that kills dogs and a small-time motorcycle gear shop that has terrible customer service.

The Rosewill 8500 mouse takes the cake this year because it has a fundamental design flaw that apparently guarantees device failure with normal use. The scroll wheel is only attached by one side, and eventually this anchor point becomes too loose and the mouse wheel “jumps” positions and fails to function properly. If this only happened once I would chalk it up to bad quality control, but it happened on all three of my 8500s.

Worst gadget runner-up: the iPazzPort wireless USB computer remote.

This device did a few things right and a lot of things wrong. The backlit keyboard was absolutely fantastic, and the familiar keys-and-touchpad form factor made it easier for people to learn how to use it. Unfortunately it was all downhill from there. Sporadic pointer behavior and a completely insane keyboard layout sunk an otherwise nifty product.

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  1. Bond says:

    I’m surprised the Woot-off USB Lights didn’t win, those were so shitacuarly awesome.