By August 3, 2006

The Chuck Norris Bridge

Well, a bridge in Hungary could be named after the (in)famous Oklahoma martial artist. The Hungarian government is holding a Web-based poll to help determine the name of a bridge slated for completion in 2008. The top three names will be considered by a panel, so there isn’t much chance of ol’ Chuck actually lending his name to the bridge. Regardless, heed the rallying cry of Gibberish and lodge your vote for Chuck Norris!

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  1. Off the top of my head:

    The Chuck Norris bridge doesn’t sway, it flexes.

    You don’t pay a toll to cross the Chuck Norris bridge, you tip it for not killing you.

    Someone laughed at Chuck Norris while crossing the Chuck Norris Brige. The spot where this happened is known as the Chuck Norris Bridge Grease Spot.