By August 30, 2006

The Guns … They’ve … Stopped

My incident with caught the attention of Ben “Stasis7” Kuchera, a writer for Ars Technica. Ben sided with me, and posted his feelings on Opposable Thumbs, Ars’s gaming column.

I didn’t know that the article had been published until I updated my site statistics for the day. The column was out for a few hours, and I had already gotten five times the amount of traffic I normally do. I glanced at the logs. I could only see one referrer, over and over: By the time the first day ended I’d received over twenty times my normal traffic. Yesterday I had about fifteen times as many visitors as normal.

Today, we’re more or less back to normal. Visits are still a little bit higher than usual, but nothing compared to the last two days. Ben’s article about my experience has slipped off of the home page, and the referrer list is more … cosmopolitan.

It was fun while it lasted, I hope that some of you from Ars stick around for the rest of the Gibberish.

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