By September 1, 2008

The NEW!!! Xbox 360 module that wasn’t

You can create a gamer profile on the Xbox 360. This profile allows you to keep track of your friends, game achievements, etc. Since I have two Xbox 360s in the house, I had to come up with an easy way to move my gaming profile from one console to the other. Microsoft sells memory cards in various sizes to do this, and to also save games. Since both of my 360s have hard drives, I could get away with the smallest card available, which is 64MB. I didn’t want to pay retail for it (about $30) so I went to eBay.

I bought a new 64MB unit from a longtime eBay seller. The listing stressed the unit was new several times in the ad. I wound up buying it for $14 shipped. I was slightly surprised when the memory unit arrived a few days later. It wasn’t in retail packaging, and had an inventory sticker on the plastic case. I immediately thought the unit was refurbished.

The big tell-tale sign was the silver marker ink on the back. On closer inspection I noticed there was a second barcode sticker. I peeled the barcode sticker back, and there was a second sticker underneath.

The Microsoft Xbox 360 authenticity sticker looked legitimate (it is a little hologram job). I put the module in my new Elite, curious to see if someone’s profile and/or save games were on my “new” unit. It was blank, which was a bit of a bore. The unit seemed to work fine.

I emailed the seller, with the photos I took and an explanation of why I expected a NEW!!! memory module not to be used or a refurb. They responded less than a day later. They said they sell both new and used, and shipped me the wrong one by accident. They offered me $5 off my purchase, bringing the price down to $9 shipped. Not bad, but I am not unsure what kind of feedback to leave. On one hand, they shipped promptly and responded to my complaint in a timely manner. That’s more than I can say for Whitehorse Gear or Timbuk2. However, they went out of their way to stress that the unit was new, and what I received decidedly wasn’t new.

What kind of feedback would you give them? Positive, neutral, negative?

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  1. Father says:

    Were you happy with the seller’s solution to your issue? –> positive.

    Do you wish the seller had offered a different solution –> neutral… but really in that case you should have asked for a replacement eh?

    Do you believe that the seller is systematically and categorically selling refurbs as new? –> negative.

  2. drfaulken says:

    After waiting eleven days for a refund, I have left negative feedback for this seller and requested a partial refund via PayPal. We’ll see what happens.

  3. GiantHaystax says:

    Was the seller based in china or somehwere in south east asia? I got stung by a fake 120gb harddrive. The price was too good to be true and guess what? it was. Casing was all wonky and barely fit on the console. Since seen that this is apparently a telltale sign of a fake