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The Predictable But Still Interesting Post-Election Surge of Ammunition and Magazine Sales

Election day, November 6, 2012. At 10:09 PM CST Sedagive? and I were convinced Obama was going to be re-elected to President of the United States.

10:11 PM CST I completed an order of ammunition to SG Ammo for 2200 rounds of ammunition: 1000 rounds of practice ammunition for our rifles, 1000 rounds of practice ammunition for our pistols, and 200 rounds of round nose ammunition for our rifles.

By the time I woke up at about 7AM the following morning they were sold out of the 9mm ammunition I bought, and very low on the 7.62x39mm ammunition. By my recollection, they sold through over 220 cases of the particular manufacturer and bullet weight, so that’s 220,000 rounds of ammunition for one part number alone.

My other favorite online firearm / accessories / ammunition retailers were also going through huge quantities of products. Lanbo’s Armory reported selling over 50,000 PMag magazines for AR-15 rifles. AIM Surplus offered the same practice ammunition I purchased from SG Ammo, and they were also sold out within 24 hours.

Bryan at AIM Surplus told me they didn’t have specifics about the last two weeks, but they were at double their normal volume.

All companies are struggling to fill orders as fast as they can, as well as get new stock.

Sam from SG Ammo told me they sold three week’s worth of sales in two days. Keep in mind, SG Ammo is one of the most popular and prolific dealers out there, so that’s a TON of product to push through.

As I wrote about this March election years in America always mean a huge spike in firearms, ammunition, and accessory sales.

Given Obama’s re-election and a small Democratic majority in the Senate, the next four years may be rocky ones for firearms owners. Yes, there is still a Republican majority in the House, but I believe we are much more likely to see a political compromise on aspects of firearms ownership as opposed to a direct assault on guns.

For example, with the UN treaty about the importation of small arms and ammunition, I could see an executive order banning the importation of foreign ammunition. This may prove financially disastrous to anyone who trains on a regular basis.

I bought over 2000 rounds because we fired that many in October, not because I was stockpiling. Every last practice round I’ve purchased in the last two years has been from Russia, Serbia, Mexico, Bulgaria, or Yugoslavia. The price difference is often $3 – $4 a box over American-made practice ammunition, and when we shoot 10 – 15 boxes of ammunition of pistol rounds per class this makes a huge difference.

It’s an interesting Catch 22 that I am sure anti-gunners don’t even think about. A common complaint about the American gun owner is that they don’t practice with their weapons. I whole heartedly agree with this sentiment. Not enough of us are doing fight-focused training, nor are we getting as much trigger time as we should.

However, banning imported ammunition, or setting limits on how many rounds you could buy at a time or from where, or zoning training facilities out of business all serve to further retard training.

If we expect each other to be well trained and safe, then we need to practice. And that requires inexpensive, readily available ammunition.

I feel like things are going to get worse this year than better, so I suggest making sure you have enough practice ammunition for 2013 and 2014 purchased by the end of the first quarter of 2013.

Hold onto your butts!

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  1. Hankoid says:

    Good article. I took your advice, and went ahead and ordered some OMFG ammo jhps and v-max 5.56, just in case. I am keeping my eyes open for a good price on wolf or tul. That stuff goes REAL quick. I’ve only seen it as out of stock online.

    I find the attack on AR’s interesting … I liked this article that explains that more people in the US were killed by fists, than any kind of rifle. “And no one has called for outlawing fists.”

    happy Thanksgiving.