By June 20, 2007

The price of responsibility

There hasn’t been much going on lately that I can discuss. I’ve been trying very hard to get out of consumer debt by this August, and when I mostly write product reviews, shoot guns, ride my motorcycle, or games, there isn’t much to write about when I’m not buying products, shooting guns, riding my motorcycle, or playing games.

However, more Gibberish articles are on the way. I got a new mobile phone this week and will review it after I’ve put it through its paces. I purchased some textile motorcycle overpants about a month ago, but I’m waiting to get caught in the rain before I write my review. There’s a lot going on in DrFaulkenland, but I either consider it too personal or too boring to discuss (I mean, really, who wants to read about playing EVE). Gibberish is not really an online diary, so I’d rather keep silent than post what I ate for breakfast.

In the meantime, help me to help you. Please email me or reply to this message if there’s something that you’d like me to cover.

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