By December 13, 2005

The windows aren't that tough, after all.

As you may recall, and I put in new windows for our home earlier this year. One of the nice features on these windows are two pop-out plastic tabs that are supposed to keep the window from opening more than two inches. The tabs are on the window frame and pop out about a half inch or so. Their purpose is to keep the Bad Peopleā„¢ out, and maybe keep young children in.

At any rate, during the sales pitch, the salesman Kevin, who is about 6′ 4″ and ~280 pounds, grabbed the bottom of his demo window and THWACK! rammed the window upwards into the two popout latches. Lady Jaye and I jumped, but the window remained shut. Amazing! If the window tabs can withstand Big Kev, then surely they can withstand a whacked out meth freak trying to steal our preciouses.

Fast forward to last weekend. and were down for gaming and merrymaking, and at some point the conversation gravitated towards the windows. I popped the window pane out to demonstrate the as-yet-used “easy cleaning” motions. I then activated the two protective tabs. I summoned the memory of Big Kev, grabbed the bottom of our window and THWACK! broke one of the tabs from the window frame, sending a bit of white plastic carroming off into my cheek.

The kitchen was dead silent. At least it was to me, somewhat embarrassed that I just broke an nearly $800 window in front of my girl and our friends. We started laughing, and then I was very thankful that there’s a 10 year unconditional warranty on the windows. I’ve got a call in to the company to see how they’re going to handle it, hopefully it’ll be as simple as replacing the popout but I have a feeling they’re going to need to replace the entire window.

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