By April 12, 2006

There’s Less of Me to Hate

I got calipered today by my personal trainer, Yoda. Another trainer had pinched me almost a month ago, and the result was 24% body fat. That was the highest my percentage had ever been, and I was determined to lower that number.

Today, Yoda did a seven point measurement, which means he pinched my chest, torso, scapula, tricep, hip, belly, and quad. The previous pinching was only a three point measurement, covering the chest, tricep, and belly.

I was hoping for a big percentage reduction, maybe as high as 4%, although 2% was more realistic. Unfortunately because the two pinch tests were different, the results were different, too. I was 17.7% body fat as of today. Given that the other test put a lot of bias on my stomach area (which is by far the greatest location of fat on my body aside from my head). Since it’s impossible for me to lose almost 7% of body fat in less than a month without drugs or surgery, I’ll have to chalk this month’s measurement up as a draw.

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