By January 9, 2006

These Boots Were Made For Walkin'

Lady Jaye issued the smackdown at work today and told her boss that she was quitting. They talked it over, and there wasn’t much reason for her to stay on for two weeks, and now my girl is home!

Since Lady Jaye was gracious when she left, I’ll highlight some of the finer points on why her job sucked big donkey balls:

  • The company was religious. They wouldn’t buy business cards for Lady Jaye because she didn’t want a cross on her cards.
  • The company holiday party was very pointedly a “Christmas party,” and Lady Jaye was given grief for saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas,” etc. The company holiday party ended with one of the employees vandalizing her desk while other people stood around and watched.
  • One of her co-workers had no idea what an opposable thumb was, nor why it was important that she had one.
  • It was a dead-end position; the other people in her department had been there for years and all Lady Jaye had to look forward to was more work for the same pay rate.
  • Any workforce that has people connected to the KKK is not a workforce that I want my girl associated with.

The list goes on, but it’s easier just to say that my butterfly didn’t fit in at that place. It’s even easier to let this picture speak for us both:

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Welcome home, baby!

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2 Comments on "These Boots Were Made For Walkin'"

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  1. ca11away says:

    Viva La Lady Jane!

  2. larimar_sky says:

    Give my best to Lady Jaye. I’m happy that she’s not working there anymore. Just have to ask — so when is she becominng the owner of that company and stomping on all their butts? Sounds like she could own it anytime she wanted (can you say law suit). It amazes me that the owner is so clueless and still living in the dark ages. Keeping my fingers crossed that LJ finds a gem of a job next.