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Things I Want: Rev’it Cayenne Pro motorcycle jacket and pants

Edit: I bought the jacket! Please read my review here.

As I have mentioned several times before on Gibberish, motorcycle gear is a compromise between comfort and safety. In general, leather offers the most abrasion resistance compared to textile fabrics (Kevlar, Cordura, etc), which in turn is better than denim or cotton. The problem is that leather is often the least comfortable in the cold or in the rain. Leather gear is also the least “usable” from a day to day perspective. If you compare a typical leather street jacket to a textile “touring” jacket, the touring jacket has tons of pockets and nifty accessories. One of the things I like the most about my Tourmaster Transition 2 jacket is the tiny key pocket. It is a lot easier to grab my keys from there instead of fumbling about in a giant storage pouch.

If I could have a Holy Grail of motorcycle jackets, it would:

  • Feature abrasion resistance like that of leather
  • Keep you warm in the winter via removable liners
  • Have plenty of venting for riding into the 90 degree range
  • Have enough storage pockets to keep my basic necessities handy, (including my Kel-Tec PF9)
  • Look good
  • Be basically free

Well, the last criteria is shooting a little high. I think the hardest two criteria to meet in the same garment will be keeping me warm in the cold, and as cool as possible in the heat.

I read an in-depth review of the Rev’it Cayenne Pro textile jacket on motorcycle gear review supersite Web Bike World.

I’m not going to recap the Cayenne Pro review here, but it might be the textile jacket that changes my mind about wearing textile full time. The jacket is billed as a “four-season” jacket due to its venting and triple-layer strategy.

The catch? The jacket is $550 and doesn’t come in a “tall” size. The pants are another $400. That’s a lot of scratch to throw down, especially since I have two full sets of leather and a set of textile already. Maybe for my birthday? We’ll see.

Edit: I bought the jacket! Please read my review here.

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  1. Aaron says:

    Dr Faulken,

    One of your bullet points left me completely shocked. Reading a writte up about a motorcycle jacket, the last thing I expected to see was mention about one of my “basic” necessities, which as a police officer, is my Kel-Tec PF-9. That’s exactly what I carry and plan on carrying in my Rev’it. I carry my PF-9 with a Arma Laser RSS. Its really small although the touch switch is a little to sensitive.

    Thanks for the great write up and I’m off to Scuderia to get my jacket just as soon as I get back from Hawaii.