By January 5, 2006

This Feels Like High School

You know that pretty girl or that hot guy that you sat across from in science class? You know, the one that was way out of your reach because you were all busted with acne, no-name jeans and braces? That’s how I feel with Verizon’s FIOS super high-speed internet. It’s less than three miles away from me but based on the January construction schedule it’s not getting closer to me any time soon. There are exactly 0 planned projects in my county. I am anxious to get off of Comcast cable, which has been problematic and an underperformer, especially with latency spikes that make it hard for me to use my VOIP line and play World of Warcraft.

I still dutifully check the online availability tool at least twice a day, but I have a feeling it won’t be until spring before I can even begin to entertain the idea of fiber to the premises.

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