By August 15, 2007

This is what a Bag of Crap looks like.

About a month ago I was able to buy a Bag of Crap from It was my third BoC, and as always the rules are the same: Woot staffers grab random shit and send it to you for $8 shipped. People theoretically get great stuff — one guy once received a $1600 television — but honestly I think those examples are astroturfers. Every BoC I’ve purchased has been lackluster.

This BoC contained a mouse pad with an American flag transitioning into a bald eagle, a red nylon backpack, a Logitec USB click! optical mouse with a scroll wheel and some sort of “zoom” button (and a big sticker that says “No warranty Sold as is”), and an Officer Castle figure from Space Precinct, which I remember watching in syndication but totally forgot about until my BoC arrived.

Ridiculous as it is, I am using the mouse pad. It is replacing my previous mousing surface, which was a piece of white printer paper. :

I’m not sure what to do with the other stuff. The nylon backpack is too small to use as a go-bag for the Montero.

The figure is worth about $8 on eBay, so I guess I could get my money back. But seriously, who wants that kind of hassle?

As usual, I give the Woot BoC a thumb’s down. The real question is, why do I keep buying them? I guess for $8, wondering what kind of total bullshit I’m going to get next is intriguing. But part of me is hoping there will be something of actual value in one of these, $1600 flat panel television or not.

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  1. Configuratrix says:

    I like bags. I have more than I need, really, but something about having go-bags, dance bags, etc. pre-packed for different purposes helps me feel organized. Plus, my not-really-evil twin, my geographically-closest sister, or her kids, might be able to use it. Also, I’ve been thinking about getting another USB mouse. I don’t know what the zoom button is, but if you want to bring the bag and mouse up next trip, I could take a look and offer you cold cash.

  2. Lo Rider says:

    Every red-blooded American should have a Colbert Nation mouse pad. I heard the eagle scream the moment I saw it.