By April 22, 2006

[TIW] Slim Devices Squeezebox

I love, love, love the online music service I listen to the station for a few hours a day at least. One thing I have wanted, however, is to play my Pandora station when I am downstairs, either playing cards with Lady Jaye or cooking, whatever. Short of running another PC downstairs, however, we are going to be sans Pandora, or any streaming music, or any tunes from our MP3 collection.

That is, until I saw the Squeezebox offered by Slim Devices.

This attractive device connects to your home stereo and wireless streams music from audio sources. It features all sorts of nifty tech, such as the fast 802.11g wireless network protocol, high-tech (but unusable to me) A/V outputs like Digital Coax and Digital Optical, and a remote control. It also plays just about any audio format under the sun, including FLAC, WAV, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and WMA. When you purchase a Squeezebox you get three months of Pandora for free.

I am really digging on the Squeezebox concept. There are other competing devices, but none of them are integrated with my beloved Pandora. Too bad it’s $300, and I have other things to spend my money on.

Squeezebox, I pine for thee.

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  1. configuratrix says:

    I read on EFF that 10% of the Squeezebox profits go to them. Maybe whenever I upgrade to FIOS I’ll get one.