By October 5, 2005

Trapped like rats in a trap?

After surviving an infested yoga center, science building, and hospital, the group of folks playing my Year of the Zombie campaign have made it to a sporting goods store. Already populated by a handful of survivors, the sporting goods store seems like the perfect place to hole up. Ammunition, camping food/equipment, few points of entry, and a retail store-type metal gate that’s locked and secured, keeping the zombies from getting inside.

For now, the group has decided (with the original occupants of the store) to not let any other people in. For one, it’s dangerous. There are a lot of infected people outside the sporting goods store now, and opening the door for even thirty seconds would put the occupants at risk of a breakthrough. Secondly, there’s a finite amount of resources in the building, and the more people that enter the compound the more the group has to divide up the resources.

The group is barricaded in and stocked up pretty well. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, the television in the break room is reporting that the US has nuked Iran in retaliation for the dirty bombs detonated in several US cities. That, in turn, has pissed off North Korea and China as well as some of the other members of the UN. Local safety stations, like the hospital, have been overrun by people turned mad by the as-yet undetermined chemical agent. Fort Bragg, the closest military facility to the group, has been declared off limits to the citizenry, and all approaching it will be shot on sight.

And then there’s the whole concept of being cooped up in a store with nowhere to go with a bunch of strangers. I think this is going to test the role-playing skills of the group, but will definitely represent an important stage of things to come. Eventually, the group will make it past the immediate danger of the zombie infestation. They will have to deal not only with a world populated by the undead, but with the human survivors as well.

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