By November 17, 2009

Tripod Pearl

My youngest dog Pearl has always been a bit of a klutz. I think part of it has to due with her mixed breeds (Akita and Border Collie), and part of it has to be due to her odd position within the house pack. Both sides of her heritage tend to be super-active, which leads to adventurous chewing when she is bored. While she is the youngest in the house, she is more assertive than Porter, the oldest. This leads to some interesting romps between the two of them as they half-play half-argue their way into some sort of social hierarchy.

All of that can lead to exciting times, like when Pearl inexplicably broke a toe on her left front paw last Friday.

None of us are really sure how it happened, but I have a theory. It rained for several days in a row. There are tons of leaves on the ground. It is possible that Pearl was horsing around with Porter and/or Rosie and either tripped or smashed her foot on something hidden. There was no blood, no signs of rough play on her foot, and little swelling. As you can see from the x-ray it’s a clean break. The world may never know.

Pearl came home with a plastic splint on her foot. The splint was wrapped with gauze and medical tape. Because of the rain, the vet put an IV bag over Pearl’s hoof and taped it down. When Sedagive? and Stilts were texting me about Pearl’s trip I warned them that Pearl was going to chew off whatever the vet put on.

Pearl greeted us at the door the following morning when we returned from breakfast. She was waving at us from behind the glass with her hurt paw … which was half-wrapped in a chewed up bandage.

I took a look at Pearl’s foot and she had chewed off (and eaten) about half of her bandage and third of her splint. I cut the rest of it off. Part of Pearl’s discomfort with the splint seemed to come from the bag and the bandage. Once I cut the bandage off Pearl was able to put weight on her foot and move around just fine. The vet said that Pearl’s “pinkie” toe is for balance and not for bearing weight, so I felt okay with removing the splint.

Besides, I didn’t feel like dropping another $60 on a splint and wrap.

So far Pearl is doing well, four days into her six week recovery period. She has been protective of her clod-hopper and has wagged her tail less than usual. She is on pain medication, and while I think that helps her foot, it also makes her a little foggy in the head. This can be debilitating when you are as bright as a dying light bulb in the first place. However, she loves the added attention she is getting, and I have heard Porter rumbling that he needs to break something or develop “the shakes” in order to get some love around the house.

I’ll keep you posted about Pearl.

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  1. roclar says:

    I don’t think any of us doubted Pearl was going to eat the splint eventually. I was a little surprised she ingested part of it at the very first unsupervised opportunity. I am also impressed at how fast she can move only using 3.5 legs.

  2. Tomax says:

    At least Porters’ nuts get a reprieve 🙂