By April 20, 2006

Two Movies Enter, One Movie Leaves

I don’t normally do movie reviews, because I feel that what I like about a movie differs quite dramatically from what normal people like. I have some basic requirements before I’ll see a movie, although there are a few notable exceptions. A movie must have at least one:

  • Monster
  • Shootout/brawl
  • Aliens
  • Car chase

At any rate, even if I find folks who like movies that I like, I tend not to discuss particular films with them until we’ve all seen it. If someone asks me what I thought of Movie Such-and-Such, I just say, “Go see it,” or “Rent it,” or “Naw. HELL NAW.” With that in mind, I present Brothers Grimm and Lucky Number Slevin to the DrFaulken cinematic crucible.

Brothers Grimm: rented via Netflix, I hereby have weighed your merits and found you horribly, horribly wanting. Naw. HELL NAW.

Lucky Number Slevin: it reminds me of two of my favorite movies combined, and features some of my favorite performers. If you like action films with plot twists, Go see it.

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4 Comments on "Two Movies Enter, One Movie Leaves"

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  1. butterysweet says:

    You would probably REALLY like Motel Hell. Save it to your queue — it’s not available right away because it’s about to be re-released in a package with Deranged. Your local movie store might have it though. I happened to catch it on IFC. I haven’t seen Deranged, so don’t blame me if it sucks. Here’s the link to the set:

  2. configuratrix says:

    This reminds me, what bugged you so much about the main character in that post-apocalyptic novel I suggested? Not the Meghann Marco survival guide, the novel with the ax guy.

    No obligation to reply is implied by this question, don’t bother if it would bug you to answer, etc.

  3. drfaulken says:

    The wolf-and-man book? Because he ran away and left all his crap when he should have fought. He was so philosophical I found it hard to believe that he would have lived long enough to actually lose his tinker-toy solar powered bicycle on page 14.

  4. configuratrix says:

    Oh, that one. I think it talks later in the book about how he had survived the first few weeks/months (very cautiously). No, I’m thinking of another one, not just an economic collapse, but some kind of zombifying plague. No matter, except I’d like a better sense of what you like so I can make better recommendations for you.