By May 17, 2010

Tybee Island Ars Technica Meet Part 1

Our trip started at 8:45 Friday morning when we headed out for our friends’s house in Tybee Island, Georgia. As usual, Sedagive? was an excellent motorcycle passenger and the 500 mile ride passed by without incident.

Here are some photos and thoughts from the first few days of our trip.


It was 55°F when we left the house. We considered putting the liners back in our riding jackets, but decided not to, since we anticipated warmer weather the further south we went. For me, this was a great choice — I wasn’t really cold on the bike at all, but Sedagive? was a little chilly. She later said she watched the temperatures tick up from the mid-50s until we hit 90°F in North Carolina.

The bike did great on the highway, as I expected. At the last minute I decided to put the taller, winter windscreen back on my FJR1300A. I did this for two reasons: reduce the wind noise from traveling on the highway for so long; and to keep some of the hot air off of my body as I rode.

This turned out to be a great decision. I still got enough wind to keep ventilation going, and I saved my ears from a lot of wind and highway noise. It was so quiet, I wound up listening to Pandora and GPS on my new HTC Droid Incredible mobile phone.

One of the neat things about this trip is that we’re getting more and more motorcyclists. This Honda Hawk 650NT belongs to sergeremi, a fellow Arsian.

This is one of the reasons that Ars is a great place. You might find one thing in common with someone, and find out you have other things in common, like motorcycles, or that you were born in the same state, and then you turn a faceless name on a Web forum into a friend:

Later that day we all walked down to the beach. There were a lot more people on the beach than when I was here in February. That meant more pictures of humans and less of birds and other critters of the sea:

Tybee is a great place to relax, and thanks to our friends that live here it’s served as my nearby getaway.

My usual reviews and whatnots will continue while I’m out, but if they are a little bit shorter or more spaced out than usual it’s because I’m having a great time with my friends. 🙂

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