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Umbra Solutions Bayview Flexible Bay Window Curtain Rod Review

My house has three bay windows in it. When I bought my home I thought they were great: they let in a lot of light and looked nice from the outside. Figuring out how to drape them properly was a pain. The windows were too close together to allow for a standard curtain rod installation. Standard curtain rods were too long to fit. Shorter curtain rods fit, but then I couldn’t cover the windows properly and light spilled in around the edges. I tried getting curtains that were too wide and forcing them to billow out, but that looked odd. I eventually gave up and let light creep in through the windows.

That is, until Sedagive? suggested the Bayview flexible curtain rod by Umbra Solutions.
Photo from Bed Bath and Beyond

For about $50, the Bayview is a single curtain rod that bends in two points. The curtain rod is 5/8″ around and can extend from 56″ to 90″ long. The mounting hardware is included, and installation was pretty easy if you’re used to putting up curtain rods.

The part that I really liked was the bending elbow system. It’s brilliant, and worked a lot better than I expected. The elbow is covered by a rubberized plastic that is soft to the touch but feels pretty tough. The elbow itself feels like a series of metal coils, similar to the adjustable neck of a floor lamp.

I set each elbow into the curtain rod bracket and then extended the rods to the proper length. Once I got the brackets installed, the rest of the installation took about two minutes.

One of the things I liked best about Umbra’s Bayview curtain rod was that I didn’t have to be super precise with how the elbows looked or the alignment of the joints. The curtains were going to cover all of that up. This made installation even easier:
This all got covered up by the curtain, so I didn’t have to worry about making it perfect.

If you need a bending curtain rod to hang curtains on your bay window, the Umbra Bayview was a great deal. Yes, style options are limited (same style, just three different colors), but it sure beat morning sunshine blasting in around the edges of each curtain.

Keep an eye out for the coupons Bed, Bath & Beyond frequently sends out, and you can easily get the rod for less than the retail price.

Strongly recommended.

Bed, Bath & Beyond’s page for the Umbra Solutions Bayview flexible bay window curtain rod.

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7 Comments on "Umbra Solutions Bayview Flexible Bay Window Curtain Rod Review"

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  1. the Accountant (tm) says:

    Proof that in your relationship, you are the pretty one, Sedagive is the smart one 🙂

    Just give into it. My life became easier when I just let The Lawyer make the decisions, and realized I was eye candy.

  2. sally says:

    hi there, can you tell me if this is the black or bronze version? I have had a hard time finding info on these rods! Thanks for posting the review. Also, did you order them online, or could you find them in the store? thnx!

  3. DrFaulken says:

    Hi Sally, thanks for your comment.

    We bought this online at Bed Bath and Beyond’s Web site. It is the black model and it looks pretty good.

    Please let me know if you have further questions.

  4. gloworm says:

    thanks for this review..great pictures..Having difficulties finding bay window rod.. my question is how does curtain fit around the
    elbows in the curve. did u use valances or pinch pleated.. cant picture how the curtain is going to cover it up

  5. Sedagive? says:

    Hi Gloworm, this is Sedagive. I thought I would take a crack at your question since the curtain hanging about the house falls under my jurisdiction.

    The curtains do not fit around the supports in the corners, they conceal the hardware by butting up against it from either side.

    I have long curtain panels hanging from ours. One each for the two smaller windows on either side and 2 for the largest window in the middle.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  6. mmwifey015 says:

    Hi, i’m also having the same problem finding the bay window rod. My centre window is 64″ just longer than the regular bayview window rod. You said this one extends up to 90″? but all the links keep taking me to the 36-54″ one? Please help, I NEED a longer rod!!!

  7. Judy R. says:

    The frames from my 3 bay windows go almost to the ceiling since the entire bay is about 10″ lower than the ceiling for the entire room. Will this rod fit? There also is just about 2 inches between the 3 windows.