By December 15, 2008

Wachovia check: not worth the paper it’s printed on

I opened up a savings account with Internet-only bank ING Direct several years ago. I retained my First Union-to-Wachovia bank checking account, mostly in order to have a check card and access to ATMs. However, ING started their Electric Orange online checking accounts, complete with check card and online bill pay. They’ll even send paper checks out on your behalf. Oh, did I mention my ING checking account currently gives me interest, too? Not nearly as much as my savings account, but much better than the 0% APR Wachovia offered.

As I used my ING Electric Orange account more and more, fewer things went onto my Wachovia account. I used to use my Wachovia account for everything, and in the onslaught of consumer spending activity I never noticed that Wachovia was hitting me for $6 month for “electronic statement transfers,” which means that this triggered the ONE time I tried out Quicken almost two years ago and never stopped. It was time to cut ties with my old bank. I had a $0.10 balance, and just sort of wrote it off. Until today, when I received this in the mail:

Now, I know it isn’t like getting my money back for their bullshit fees, but it does make me smile to know it cost Wachovia more to send me this check than it’s actually worth.

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