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Wal-Mart “Site to Store” service should be named “Slow to Store”

I buy a lot of stuff online. Like, a lot of stuff. I have a really good idea what to expect as far as order fulfillment, shipping times, customer service inquiries, and return / exchange experiences. I’ve purchased from small one-man outfits cranking out custom brackets for mounting lights on motorcycles to e-commerce juggernauts. The size of the store doesn’t matter; sometimes the small operations give you great service, and sometimes they are run by douchebags.

The same goes for the big box joints, too — although until I tried Wal-Mart’s “Site to Store” shipping service I never had a good and bad experience from the same company.

Here’s how Site to Store is supposed to work. You buy something online at and have it shipped to a store near you. This is free and is particularly helpful for heavier shit, like furniture or a television.

For example, shipping this 37″ HDTV to me would normally cost $30 via ground shipping. However, if I choose Site to Store, it’s free. I bought a bookcase and chose Site to Store shipping, and expected to pick up my stuff in the 7 – 10 business days as spelled out on

It took twelve business days to get my order. Granted, two extra business days isn’t a big deal, but the Site to Store concept is new at my nearest Wal-Mart, and they only had one person running the counter. I waited twenty minutes for them to process another customer and then find my item in the warehouse. Wal-Mart is a social event out where I live, and there are always to ton of people there. It took me another ten minutes to check out. In contrast, I have purchased things online from and received my order in three business days.

In the case of the fictitious television purchase, it would be well worth your $30 to get the television delivered right to your door. Yes, you may save some money by using Wal-Mart’s Site to Store service, but even if it arrives within their estimate, do you really want to wait that long and then go to the store to wait some more?

Site to Store is not recommended.

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  1. Tiana says:

    I agree – it does take too long for an item such as a tv to be delivered via the site-to-store service. I purchased the same item on the 17th, it is not the 27th of September and I have yet to receive my item. Of course, I called the store and customer service and I get no help. I do recommend using the site-to-store service.

  2. Ali says:

    The experience was HORRIBLE! Sure, ordering was easy and free, but it’s worth paying for shipping than to deal with the people at walart who don’t give a damn about their jobs.

    I ordered 2 storage bins, seemingly simple order. Not so much. The first time I went to pick them up I wasted app. 45 min in the store. They couldn’t find the GIANT things anywhere. Then, while I was STILL in the store waiting on them they called my boyfriends ex-wife asking for ME, just because I had him on the pickup person list. I have no clue where they could have even got the number from, she certainly wasn’t on the pickup list, and I hadn’t even provided his phone number. SO, that was the first time, that was unsuccessful, because they never found them.

    Then 2 WEEKS later (after obviously re-ordering) they called me to come back. Spent another 30 minutes in there waiting… they were furiously looking for them again… when they finally emerged from the back of the store I pointed out that the 2 giant boxes sitting behind the register said “Sterile Storage Bins” and that they were perhaps mine. And they were. UNBELEIVABLE!

  3. Joe says:

    Order from standard shipping, very slow, don’t expect your package anytime soon after you order. Shop elsewhere online.

  4. Nate says:

    Directly from the Walmart web page concerning Site to Store @

    How Site to Store Works

    “Orders typically take 1-2 days to process and usually arrive at the store 7-10 business days later.”

    Sounds like your shipment was within the advertised 8-12 day window, albeit at the far end of it at day 12.

    Not what you wanted to see/hear, but there it is. It is also on the on the page when you do the ordering.

  5. K Sousa says:

    I’ll never use site to store again! I have no problem ordering from walmart but will have the order shipped to the house. My order was processed and shipped very quickly however after it arrived at the store is the problem. according to the tracking number provided my package arrived at the store five days ago and has still not been processed! The only info they can tell me is they are busy! It seems that they are not concerned about getting product out the door that the store didn’t sell. I don’t know what is so hard about scanning a package into a electronic system that probably does the rest of the work for them. It shouldn’t take five days or more to tell me I can pickup my package when Walmart was able to process my order and then ship it to the store in about the same amout of time. I will still recommend ordering from just leave the store out of it.

  6. Ashley says:

    I totally agree i ordered an ipod touch using site to store on dec 26 and the order tracker says it wont be here till january 11!! The original date it was estimated to arrive was the 6th! i will NEVER use site to store again.

  7. Doug says:

    Online Turbotax is $42, in store $49. They have a hundred on the rack in the store. I order it online. They ship one single turbotax, in a 18″x10″x10″ cardboard box, in packing material, with a shipping label, from Ark. to the store. Remember, THEY ALREADY HAVE A HUNDRED IN THE STORE! AND I HAD TO WAIT A WEEK? So, this is cost effective?

  8. DF says:

    I also will not order anything from ‘Site To Store’. It has been exactly 14 days and still no item. I ordered a crib & changing table after my baby outgrew her bassinet. I did get a $20 online giftcard/store credit for the delay, however, it’s still not worth it since I need the crib asap!! It’s absolutely ridiculous.

  9. meme says:

    Count me in as another one who will not order site to store anymore. I ordered my item on 3/19 and it is currently STILL in transit and it is 3/28. Funny thing is that I am in IN and it has been in some city or other in IN since 3/24, but it is still not at the store. For some reason they want to wait until the very last minute to deliever. Unless you don’t mind waiting for your item, I would not recommend site to store.

  10. Chris Windsor says:

    OMG… It takes 4 days to process a order… Really! What stinks is the store has 3 of the bikes I ordered but since the website was $50.00 cheaper I went with Site to store.

    Then takes 7 to 10 days to get to the store…?
    Where is this bike coming from?

  11. Brandon T. says:

    Ordered the 20″ Hyper Pro Spinner bmx bike strictly for the frame, paid for it on 4/10/2011 and since yesterday tracking has said it is on its way to my store at 7:51am from Midway,TN, checked and Midway is only 56 miles from my local walmart that I’m having the item shipped to and it is now 4/18/2011(The day it says the item should arrive) and have still not gotten the email to come pick my item, my guess is the bike is just sitting there and has not been scanned into their system like many other fine folks items have been and when I call all I get is “Nope its not here yet”, knowing the 1 hour drive is all it took for the big rig to get down our four-lane and was probably there sometime yesterday evening, horrible this is, I mean why can you not order something online that says is in stock in your local walmart and go pick one up that way, its ridiculous, and when you do call to check on the item you’re made to feel like you are doing the worst thing in the world by checking on a item you yourself has already paid for and are either tossed around their phone system or they just pick the phone up and hang it up real fast and probably say “whoops” while they grin and walk away, oh and get this, even though the item is supposedly “ontime” two days ago tracking was updated and it now says they are taking off $26.25 for late arrival, granted that is nice of them but seeing as this is a gift from a family member it doesn’t help me actually getting the item they bought for me(glad he’s getting some cash back of course) but my guess the “late arrival” will be my bike just sitting there in the back of the store un-scanned for a few days while countless employees walk right past it!

  12. Adi G. says:

    I currently bought an ipod touch last friday. walmart told me that it will arrive tomorrow 4/22 and now they are telling me that my order is delayed due to transit and that now it will be arriving sunday 5/1. I will never use site-to-store ever again. They take their precious time to deliver it.

  13. Dana says:

    Horrible customer service. Called because my site to store delivery was “delayed in transit” with another 10 day delay. When I called, the rep lied to me and told me it was expected in store the following day. When it did not arrive, I called back and was told not to expect it for 10 more days. I don’t know why I am surprised…

  14. Ashleigh says:

    Good, it’s not just me then. I ordered a 120 lb. pool, so shipping would’ve been $100. The processing took 3 days, 5 days go by, then was “in transit to store” 2 days ago from a store 2.5 hrs away. Now when I call (10 days after ordering) they refuse to go look for it in the back, and say I have to wait for the email. After being on hold, I get the rudest employees in the world who can’t imagine why I would want them to do their job and go look in the back. It’s literally sitting on the shelf in their store, but they wont let me have that one. They even told me not to bother with coming to the store at all for a few more days. Horrible service and I’ll NEVER do site to store again even for saving that amount of money.

  15. Kay says:

    I ordered a Straight Talk phone and I will never use Site to Store again. My order arrived on time but I have to “wait” to actually get it because the store “couldn’t find it.” WTF?!? Who says that to a customer? I understand they need a couple of days to process it but a week or more?! That’s bull, not to mention, unprofessional.

  16. Diane says:

    “site to store” in Suwanee, GA sucks! I received a notice that my item has arrived. I had to wait 20 mins for the associate to help the customer in front of me and another 30 minutes for that associate to track down my item. And guess what? She can’t find it! Then she wrote down my phone number promising to call in the evening after she has more time to look for it. But she never called. And when I called, I kept getting transfer to different places and being on hold for more than 30 mins. THEY CAN’T FIND my item! This is so frustrating!

  17. J says:

    Walmart site to store is free… Therefore, they do not send trucks specifically for package delivery. If an item is ordered and shipped site to store, Walmart plugs that item into their ALREADY existing schedule of inventory/merchandise delivery from various distribution centers. Thus, your items will wait in a warehouse, or “Sorting Facility” sometimes for days, until your local Walmart recieves a shipment to restock its shelves as normal from that distribution center. Your package is just one extra box thrown on the back of a huge store order. Either pays extra or wait extra…

    • DrFaulken says:

      Thanks for your comment! I think the main complain about Site to Store is how ineffectively packages are tracked once they’re in the store. For example, I waited 20 minutes while the employees tried to find my package; other readers spent even more time or had to make multiple trips.

      This on top of the longer-than-average transit time lead up to a bad delivery option.

  18. Jody says:

    My order showed it left Sealy, Texas on the way to my local Conroe, TX Walmart store on 9/13/11. It is a two hour drive from Sealy. I still haven’t received the notice that my package is ready to pick up. The site says the package should be ready for pickup from 9/20/11-9/26/11.

    Really???? The package should be sitting in the store right now. Why do I have to potentially wait 7-13 more days before you call me?

  19. Johnny Boy says:

    Well I ordered a TV and it did say 12 days to get it to store and yeah it took 4 weeks to get it……12 days my ass

  20. Trent says:

    As I stand at Walmart waiting for my site-to-store order, which is a simple laptop case, I’m beginning to realise that I shoul have paid extra to have it shipped to my home. I’ve been processed, and now waiting for the staff to retrieve my item from “outside”.

    This is a very disorganised operation, and or confirms why I do not regularly shop at Walmart.

  21. Marty says:

    I wish I would have read this three weeks ago. After several hours on with Customer Service assuring me that my TV would get here. Once even told it was ‘on the truck in the last leg of the route’. It never arrived on time. Store manager called customer service and reordered it with express delivery saying it would be here in 3 days. No update to tracking. Called customer service once again and they said no it won’t get here for two more weeks. Someone needs to pay for lying to a customers face. THIS IS DOWNRIGHT FRAUD! I could have ordered it from Amazon two days ago and gotten it in time but now I’m screwed.

  22. Kitty says:

    I ordered a plasma t.v. from walmart this year on black Friday in Nov., I decided to use site to store since the shipping was free. Estimated pick up date was Dec.7-9, on the 11th I got an e-mail saying it was delayed by 2 days, which I was fine with since this was a Christmas gift and I still had plenty of time. Then I decided to track it a few days later on the website and according to that it had arrived on the 7th. So I called the walmart 1-800 number and did the tracking through there, where it said it was still in transit. So I gave it another couple of days and after not getting a phone call or e-mail to pick up my item I called again to speak to a representative. Where come to find out my item was “lost in transit”. So, after thinking all of my Christmas shopping was done, Iā€™m still looking for a way to replace that Christmas present, which is hard since it was such a good deal.

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING FROM WALMART.COM ESPECIALLY ON BLACK FRIDAY OR CYBER MONDAY. Since I find it VERY hard for a 50″ plasma t.v. to get “lost in transit”.

  23. anty says:

    @kitty I too ordered the same tv from walmart and it too was “lost in transit”. Unbelievable! I have then ordered for a replacement one, which has already been delivered since the 15th but I call walmart and they just say to wait for the email. Never ordering from them again!

  24. Deb says:

    Early this fall, I ordered a couple of DVDs and it took over 2 weeks. Supposedly the items were shipped within a couple of days, so it’s beyond me why it takes another week and a half to get to the store. Now Walmart no longer offers ship to store for DVDs, I contacted customer service about the change in policy, but got a non-answer.

  25. KAT says:

    i ordered a converter for analog tv i ordered it on jan 20 it processed two days then it was sent for shipment on the 23 now it says its shipped and they are telling me it will get to the store in feb 3, i think its a long time to wait for something so small,

  26. PL says:

    I have used Site to Store twice.

    The first time was for a large item. When I ordered the delivery date to the store met my requirements (needed for large Boy Scout outing). After order was placed, the date move out so that order would not arrive in time but within the 10 business day window. E-mail help was useless.

    Second order was for a TV. Good price. Still waiting.

    I would never use Walmart Site to Store unless it provides a significant cost savings (I am very frugal)and I have plenty of time for delivery.

  27. John says:

    I recently ordered a ps3, a game, and a 40 in lcd tv from Walmart. I got the tv because the one I was using, which was pretty old, died on me. They didn’t offer site to store for the game or the ps3, so I had that delivered, but I thought I was save an extra 30 bucks and do site to store for the tv.

    I got the ps3 and game within a few days, and I’m still waiting for my tv. It’s been in transit from the sorting facility to the delivery facility for some time now. Reading these comments, I am sure that after it gets to the delivery facility, I’ll have to wait for another 4 days for it to be sent to my store, and then another 4 days for the store to tell me they have it. I will never use site to store again.

    I should have listened to my friend who bought a tv site to store. Terrible experience. They should put a disclaimer up saying that the satisfaction rate for site to store is near zero.

  28. Tom says:

    I ordered two items, a 23″ tv and a mount for the tv, to be shipped to store in Delavan, WI. The mount came from CA and was sent via fedex. Tracking was updated daily and it took 3 days from the order date to get an email for pickup. The tv, however, came from IN and was sent through walmart’s internal system. 3 days to show up in tracking, 3 days to get to Beaver Dam, WI(about an hour and a half away)sat there for 2 days, and has been in transit to store for a day so far. I guess I can’t complain yet since it’s still within the original timeframe promised, but there is sure some inefficiency going on here. The package through fedex versus the one through walmart’s delivery shows the difference in a reliable company and an unreliable one. I won’t say not to use the site to store since you get good deals, but just hope that your item comes from a long distance and they utilize fedex to ship it to the store instead of their own trucks.

  29. Tim says:

    So here it is 3 years later on the same thread? I thought I was singled out our misinformed and was a very small number of people that fell into this “tracking system”. I just got off the phone with Customer service. That’s all I’m saying there. I’ll rewind…we ordered 6 items on 2/15/2012. Received 4 the other 2 still say “in transit to store” one hour and ten minutes away. I called seven different times once different trucks arrived. Had to be transferred 4 times by receptionist at my walmart. Made a guy physically go back, surprisingly got to happen, and nothing. Googled the distribution center it was supposed to be in transit from and the guy acctually apologized for not having any info. He claimed this has been an issue over and over and wishes there was a better way to track them. I have an order number he has a carton number. This seems like an easy administrative fix. As the last message stated it shows a reliable company versus an unreliable one. Walmart is cheap for a reason. Stepping on others toes cutting out middle men that need to live and taking whatever the can to get to the top. Mission accomplished. I’ve heard the word inefficiency thrown around but this is for worse then that. Sam Walton, if alive, should have gone undercover boss on this site to store mess. Problem is it’s across the board.

    So after the distribution call. I called back to my store and demanded it was there that Grove city said so. After all it had been there for 48 hrs. anyway he said himself “you’re only an hour away”. They found nothing gave me the number. I get the same I don’t give a shit about you attitude that seems to run rabidly through walmart city to city. There are a few acceptions, unfortunatly for most of us those are on break when we need assistance.
    After again 7 now 8 phone calls countless mins. on hold people on the clock dealing with me this lady tells me right off the bat “oh, those are on back order.” I flip out I ask her about the site to store tracking page and why it says what it says. Mind you I’m not mad because it’s not here I still have time left on the over and above 7-10 business days. It came out to 15-20 business days. I make this lady repeat herself. You mean to tell me this site I’m seeing where it came from Indiana a 4.5 hour drive to grove city an hour away but nothing is actually being sent?!??? SHE CHUCKLED!!!!!!! This women actually thought that was funny! This is a 549 46″ flatscreen and another 30 dollars for the table chair set for my 15 month old son PLUS TAX!!! Here I’m freaking out thinking my tv is lost or stolen or broken or who knows what and nothing has ever been sent. I tore my living room apart to prepare for this thing and the table chairs. My girlfriend keeps a very clean house and is pregnant and hormonal as hell! AND THIS WOMEN LAUGHS!!!!! The problem I can get my money back but there is no way I can replace this tv at that price. Now I wouldn’t be mad at all if I was called or emailed that it was on back order and I’d understand. At that price and it’s tax season of course it would be out of stock. Just tell me that. I want to know who or how the site is being updated that my packages are being shipped right along with all the others but nothing is ever being shipped? I’ve had a few minor bad experiences but this one also puts in the vote to never order site to store again. Walmart is the devil!

  30. Tim says:

    That was the short version too wow didn’t think it was that long didn’t take me long to type sorry.

  31. Aaron G. says:

    I ordered a simple video game becuase it was cheeper. I ordered on the 15th, and i still haven’t got it! I went to the store it ws supposed to ship to, and I asked the workers there and they explained it to me like this. They said picture as a completely different store. Basically, is like shipping want you want from the different store ( for me it is kentucky) and then have the process it, and then delivered to your store. They can’t just give you what you bought if they have it in stock, you have to wait for the item that you bought.

  32. ann says:

    SLOW to ship and deliver to store is more accurate. never again! sticking with target and amazon.

  33. Shawn H says:

    I ordered two items,a 40″ TV and a 6 foot HDMI cable.The cable arrived in two days at my local store.(Bremerton Wa.)

    9 days later I am still waiting for my TV.I was ‘told’ via a phone call today (me to them of course) that I should get my TV on Sunday.

    Wow,I wish I knew about this site sooner,I would have sucked it up and paid the extra to come to my house.

  34. Dennis H. says:

    Exactly the same horrible experience as all the rest. I went to buy two phones at my Walmart, not in stock. So I go to another Walmart that has them instock, and see the boxes. I ask for the price I saw on, and they tell me they price match everyone but themselves. But the clerk says, ‘look just order them on line, they go get them from here, and take them to the back anyway when you get here. Takes an hour or so at the most’. What a liar!!! I called and had the kid’s order from the house computer, but I SHOULD have read the whole site, because the 7-10 working days is EXACTLY what they are now explaining to me. That was two weeks ago. The item came about an hour drive to my Walmart about a week ago (in fact, that’s the ONLY place it’s been), and STILL isn’t there. I tried to cancel, but they said nope, already shipped! SHIPPED? By what? Continental Drift??? From where? Uranus??
    You could have walked to my Walmart from the shipping point in a day!!!!

  35. sheila says:

    I was worried I will have a tough time with the site to store shipping from all the negative comments i have read. There is HOPE!! I quess im one of those lucky ones who would give them A+++. I live in Canada, and i ordered a step2 playhouse for my daughter. the closest walmart in USA for me would be in bellingham. I ordered it on June 28, and it arrived at the store on July 9. I didnt have to wait long for the store clerk go get it for me from the back (7 mins or so). I would definetely do the site to store shipping again!! Hope you find this useful!

    • DrFaulken says:

      Glad it worked out for you! As they say, every dog has his day šŸ™‚ Cheers from the States.

  36. Tricegrace says:

    On July 22nd, I ordered the Barbie Mustang ride on for my daughter’s birthday. I opted to buy it online because it was $239 vs the $289 I saw in the store. I chose the site to store option because the latest date it had for the estimated arrival date was the day of her birthday (8/3). My past experience with site-to-store has been positive with orders usually arriving early, so I did not think that shipment date would be a problem. On July 25th, it said that the order was shipped. That was the last update I received and did not receive additional tracking updates online. I waited on 8/3, but still there was no information on my order availabe. I called and the phone operator was clueless. I then e-mailed customer service and they immediately sent me an e-mail saying they would credit me a whopping $10.64 for the late arrival. Moments later tracking information online for magically appeared saying that my package was at the sort facility and then moments later shipped to the delivery facility. As of 8/6 it is still at the delivery facility. My estimated delivery date should arrive on 8/10 at the latest. It was terrible that this item could not arrive in time for my daughter’s birthday. I am definitely not ordering anything for Christmas through site-to-store.

  37. CJ says:

    I actually have never had a problem with site to store, my order ALWAYS get to me before it was supposed to and I order from this service a lot.

    What many of you seem to not realize is its not 7-10 business days from the time you order, its 7-10 business days from the time your order has PROCESSED. Processing can take a couple days its self and this is not always a walmart issue, sometimes its an issue with your bank or credit card company. Once the order has processed it will be shipped to a sorting facility where it may be there for a couple days, once it leaves there it will generally arrive within 2 days to your nearest delivery facility, where it is put on a truck to be delivered to your walmart store, it may be here for a day or so as well depending on how many other things are going to your local walmart but almost always will arrive at your local store within 2 more days.

    Surprising to see how many people have an issue with this service, I love site to store and never had a problem with it and I’ve had things delivered to a few different walmart locations as well, and never had to wait more than a minute or 2 for them to grab my item, even large items.

  38. Rezaar says:

    I heard so many bad things about Site-to-Store I just had to see for myself. I ordered 2 DVDs online for around $16 on 10/06 it took until 11/04 to reach the “sorting facility” and left there on 11/17 as “out for delivery” it is now 11/20 and the status of my shipment was changed to “delayed, expected arrival date between 11/30 and 12/03. Major BS if you ask me seeing as the items were being shipped from 74 miles away.

  39. Tony says:

    I’ve ordered 2 games(not more than $50 combined) because my local Wal-Mart doesn’t have either.I live in Virginia.Two days ago it was picked up(& dropped back off) at Ellenwood, Georgia.This morning it was picked up again, & now it’s “In Transit” & the location is Charlotte, North Carolina.I don’t know whether that means it’s on the way there, or currently there, but this one is being shipped by Fedex.I’ve been to Georgia from here(VA), & I know it’s a 9 hr distance in between.I just hope it doesn’t get stolen or “misplaced” because I’m not rich, heck, I’m jobless.I expect Fedex to do a great job, but my local Wal-Mart is filled with ghettos.

    Game 2 is being shipped by UPS, & is apparently in Eagan, MN.Scheduled delivery date is 11/30, apparently.Seeing the location of MN, probably delivery to a warehouse, so it’ll spend the weekend there.

    HOWEVER, both games are scheduled between 12/4 & 12/11, for delivery.If I have any problem getting my order, it’ll probably come from my local Wal-Mart.Fingers Crossed

  40. Tony says:

    ^^OK, one of my games has supposedly been delivered to my local Wal-Mart, for about 2 hours now.Like I said in my above comment, IF I have any problem getting my order, it’ll probably come from my local Wal-Mart.12/4 to 12/11 is FAR from today, & if those Wal-Mart employees make it sit there until 12/11, even though it arrived today, I’d be angry.Some of those employees are ACTUALLY good people & not lazy, HOWEVER, some of them are a bunch of gossiping, ghetto girls, if you catch my drift.It depends on who’s in charge of “Site to Store” items, there.Fingers STILL Crossed!!! šŸ™‚

  41. Michael says:

    I made two orders to Site to Store. Both arrived at the store after a reasonable amount of time. Despite ordering the items (all Legos) on the same day, they arrived about a week apart.

    The first pickup I made was in the evening. There were 5 people in line. It took 20 minutes to be helped and then get the items.

    The second pickup was mid-afternoon. There were 8 people in line. At one point, there were no CSRs, as both of the ones that were there left. One went to get an item somewhere in the store (?), the other just left. Employees were filing in and out of the back, and it was 20 minutes before any of them decided to help out. I spent 29 minutes from arrival to leaving with my items.

    This store (Laguna Niguel) shares Site To Store space with Photography. The entire area is a disorganized mess. There were boxes, pallets, items, and stuff everywhere. The employee working Photography couldn’t help out with Site to Store stuff. The first pickup, there were four employees in the area, but I have no idea what two of them were doing. Helping the people in line? No, definitely not that.

    I guess I should consider myself lucky in that I got my items and got out without too much delay. One of the other people waiting — his item was in a cabinet blocked by a pallet full of deliveries. The CSR couldn’t get in to the cabinet, and needed someone else to move the pallet. I have no idea how long that took.

    I won’t be using this again. I’ve used it in the past, where the bulk of the delay was in getting the item from the back. But almost an hour wasted just waiting is not worth ‘free’ shipping. I’ll gladly pay more to have it shipped, or use another retailer.

  42. chris says:

    My walmart gets a truck EVERYDAY for grocery and EVERY other day for all the other departments.My site to store order took 14 days from the day i placed it when it was shipped out of the same warehouse that are trucks are sent from about 3 hrs away why it took so long i don’t have a clue.

  43. Pamela says:

    I order an elliptical machine to be delivered site-to-store last week – 7 days ago, and it said it was shipped two days later. The tracking information is from a company called YRC freight and 5 days later it still hasn’t updated. It’s still saying that “The number you requested was not found.” So, I’m now realizing, especially after reading this thread, that my elliptical will probably not get here anytime soon probably because while it has been marked “Shipped” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s on a truck. It’s probably still sitting in a loading bay somewhere waiting to be picked up. Good grief! And I really want this elliptical too! I was hoping to get it before the new year. Also, it says that it should be available to pick up by 12/24 which is only 3 business days from now. So, I doubt it will actually be there by the 24th. Good Grief!!!!

  44. JoeG says:

    My order took 7 days from when I placed the order. Slow, but free. The problem is going to the store to pick up. Entering the Site to Store room, there is a BIG SIGN saying something like “PRESS THE TOUCH SCREEN FOR SERVICE”. Well, after touching the screen, the screen read “an employee is on the way”, I waited over half an hour. Other employees walking by said they would try and get someone. When someone finally came, I told them I had pressed the screen and waited. I was informed that the touch screen isn’t hooked up to anything, and they were surprised it was still there. Even though there is a BIG SIGN reading PRESS THE TOUCH SCREEN FOR SERVICE.