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WallSwitch Desktop Wallpaper Switching App for Android Mobile Phones

One of the things I like the most about my HTC Incredible Android phone is its large, beautiful screen. It’s a far cry from the Motorola StarTac phone I owned.

SmartPhones encourage me to dork out in ways I never cared about before. For example, I put a different background on my Incredible. It was nice, for a few days. Then I wanted a different screen. Glancing over to my laptop running Windows 7, I wondered if I could rotate through a series of desktop wallpapers automatically. This manual desktop switching stuff is so 2009.

Just like iPhones, there’s an app for just about everything on the Android Market. Sure enough, WallSwitch by Keith Bourgoin does the trick. And it does it very well.

Installation and Configuration

Configuring WallSwitch is super easy.

  1. Download and install the app from the Market, or AppBrain, or Androlib. Try searching for “wallswitch” in the Android Market.
  2. You’ll see this screen: push the Settings button:
  3. Configure your settings according to your preferences. Here’s what I did:

    1. Enable “Auto-Switch” if it isn’t already.
    2. Set your rotation interval. I selected every thirty minutes.
    3. Tell WallSwitch what directory (or directories) to use for wallpapers.
  4. Press the back soft key (arrow) to exit the settings menu.
  5. If you’re impatient, press the “Switch Now!” button.
One of my desktop backgrounds in action.

Desktop Images and Summary

I downloaded all of mine from Digital Blasphemy, where I am a paid member. The gentleman who generates all of the backgrounds has Droid-sized wallpapers, which are pretty close to the resolution of my Incredible. You could grab wallpapers from anywhere, and WallSwitch does a pretty good job at auto-sizing, cropping, or letter-boxing images as appropriate so they look good on your phone.

There is only one thing I would change. WallSwitch doesn’t display the path of your folders. This isn’t a big deal on my phone, but this might be an issue if you have multiple folders on your phone’s main memory and external memory card named “pictures” or something.

Some criticisms of the app include not being able to select specific files within a folder, but this doesn’t bother me. I have a single folder for backgrounds, and the only images I put in that folder are backgrounds.

WallSwitch is a free app, and I like it so much I’d even throw a few bucks the author’s way if it were a paid app.

Strongly recommended.

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