By October 23, 2005

We made a deal; if she’d stop hookin’, I’d stop shooting people.

We were aiming high.

And thus the ends Mel Gibson’s narrative in Payback. Gibson plays the part of Porter, a small-time criminal turned avenger to claim $70,000 owed to him. He gets his money and rides off into the sunset with his former prostitute mistress, Rosie.

We’ve had our beagle-hound mix Porter for a year and probably a week, and he’s been a real joy for us. Especially now that he doesn’t do stupid things, but that’s for another post. But like in the movie, what’s an avenger without his mistress? In order to follow the storyline, a Porter needs a Rosie.

Enter this little monster, whom we interviewed at the end of last month. We chose to adopt her, and had to wait for her to age a bit and get spayed before we could bring her home yesterday.

You want to see pictures, you say? Very well, I guess I have just a few. Here are some of my favorites:

Hi, my name is Rosie, and I’ll be hiding under this chair for most of the day!

What? I’m supposed to play around, you say? okay!

Raaaawr! Attack mode!

Rosie and Porter are getting along so far, although their interactions have been interesting. Porter hasn’t been possessive about what I expected. Rosie can eat right out of Porter’s food dish with no problems, for example. But Porter wants to play PLAY PLAY!! and Rosie is pretty tuckered out from the whole adoption process and moving to a new home. When Rosie doesn’t want to play, Porter goes along anyway, and sometimes will play too aggressively. He bowled her over pretty hard last night and bit her hard on the scruff today. Rosie has taken to hiding from Porter, just so she can catch some winks.


So far Rosie has been an excellent puppy. She already knows to go outside to use the bathroom, something I was worried about because she was an outdoor-crated puppy with her littermates. But her foster mom did a lot of great things, including acclimating her to larger, adult dogs, so she hasn’t taken any shit from Porter. We’re a little reluctant to let them duke it out due to her stitches, but soon she’ll be ready to fight back. She already growls at him and bit his upper lip when he pestered her too much.

She’s a real sweetheart. I can pick her up and she puts her head right on my shoulder and goes to sleep. She snoozed for about 20 minutes today while I uploaded the pictures for this entry and built my new computer. She’s curled up like a little donut under my desk right now, dreaming little puppy dreams.

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