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Wearever Hard Anodized Non-stick Cookware Review

I have owned some apparently very nice clad stainless steel cookware made by Cuisinart. I bought them on the advice of my (at the time) boss, who swore up and down that stainless steel was the best way to go. I shouldn’t have listened him, about the pots and pans or about buying a home, as the cookware proved a pain in the ass for day to day cooking, and he laid every last one of us off four months later.

I spent a pretty penny back then. The Cuisinart set was great at conducting uniform heat, but sucked as far as stuff sticking to the pan. I had to use a fair amount of oil or butter to keep even simple things from adhering to the surface like a mother of nine to her welfare check. Sure, the pots looked pro but the burnt remains of food did not.

I wanted something different, something non-stick, and most importantly, something cheap. I asked Starbuck for help in picking something out. She’s my go-to-gal for anything cooking related. She thumbed through some of her cooking magazine back issues and scoured a few culinary Web sites. She sent me links to a few sets, and I finally decided on the Wearever hard anodized non-stick cookware set.

I think I paid more for my 10″ stainless steel skillet than I did for the entire Wearever set. It comes with one and two quart saucepans, a five quart Dutch oven pan, and an 8″ and 10″ skillet. There are three glass lids included as well. I bought the entire set for $80 at Target. I picked up a 12″ skillet via later for about $25.

The Wearever has a nice heft to it, and looks good to boot. The ergonomics are great for me. The handles gradually thicken and widen — my Cuisinart set had really skinny handles. The Wearever handles give me confidence when I’m making a big scramble of eggs, hash browns, ham and cheese.

The Wearever pieces are probably not as well clad as my Cuisinart set, but with my sub-standard electric stovetop I can’t really tell the difference anyway. There aren’t any detectable “hot zones” so there may be some sort of convection ring system at the bottom of each pan.

The glass lids are functional, and heavy. Again, a nice heft to them, and simple. I have to admit the hardest part of cleaning the cookware is the rim of the lids. I wonder if anyone makes non-stick lids? That would be sweet.

I make scrambled eggs a lot, and those tend to leave a fair amount of “skin” and other cruft on the pan. After letting the Wearever skillet cool, I can easily rinse the pan clean of cooked-on eggs and cheese. Every rare once in a while I will have to use the sponge to clear some food matter. I used to have to let my stainless steel set soak in soapy water and then scrape everything off with either a stiff turner or even steel wool. What a pain in the ass.

I was apprehensive about how the handles were attached to the cookware at first. There are exposed rivets on the inside of the cooking surface, and in my experience these are a pain in the ass to clean. The nice thing about my stainless set is that the handles are riveted in between the cladding layers, so you don’t have to deal with food matter attaching underneath rivets at all. I was surprised to find that the rivets were just as easy to clean as the cooking surface. Sweet.

I highly recommend the Wearever hard anodized non-stick cookware set. You can go to Target right now and pick it up, or order it from or other retailers like Amazon. I also suggest you pick up a 12″ skillet, as the sautee pans are not really high-walled enough to allow for “extra capacity” loads. Sure, the Wearever stuff isn’t super high tech, doesn’t come from a cooking-penis manufacturer, and won’t be seen on a Food Network cooking show, but for the price you could go through three or four sets and still come out ahead, performance-wise.

Wearever Hard Anodized Non-stick 8-piece Cookware Set, I fry up:
Five out of five STFU mugs!

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  1. Ed says:

    I think I will buy a set.

  2. Mike says:


  3. Starbuck says:

    Funny thing is, I keep thinking about buying some of the skillets because my crap pans are just that, and half the time i don’t want to use my good pans because of the clean-up 🙂

  4. Denise says:

    I have 2 pans and LOVE them. They are the best I have ever used. I originally bought them about 3 years ago and they are still as good now as when brand new. I even bought a set for my bachelor son and now I am looking for a set for my daughter.

  5. I don't Think So! says:

    I bought the Wearever Cookware set and an additional Large stainless steel non-stick frying pan. I could have paid more but they had a lifetime guarantee and they were cheaper. I now know why they are cheaper! There warranty is a joke! You pay for shipping back to the manufacturer under their warranty and then they deny the claim due to heat. They ship it back to you. I will no longer due business with this company for weaseling out of their warranty. They also manufacture Mirror products. Pay the difference and get a set that lasts! This company is not worthy of your business unless you like over paying for under performing products!