By June 11, 2006

Welcome! Pardon the dust.

Welcome to the newly-hosted Gibberish on WordPress. The rest of will be up at a later date, but the first thing I wanted to do was get my LJ posts transitioned over.

The good news:

All of the posts were successfully migrated, as well as all of the comments.

The bad news:

  • All of the polls were lost.
  • I have a feeling that the lj-user custom tags are going to be broken in my posts.
  • All of the lj-cut tags were stripped out during the export process.
  • All of my categories (tags, under the old LJ system) were lost. That means I’ve been going through all 240+ posts and adding them by hand. So far I’ve done the last few months, and I’ll be back cataloging all of my posts in the upcoming week. For now, the categories (and their counts) are going to be a bit off. Take a look at the “Uncategorized” category, that number will be diminishing as the days go on.
  • You will have to register to comment. I know, it’s one more user/pass you’ll have to remember, and I apologize. Sorry, sorry. I set the permissions on WP to allow for anonymous posting. If I start getting spam, I’ll have to lock it down again.

Anyway, welcome! The look of the site will change at some point in time, but for the time being, this blue theme will do nicely.

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2 Comments on "Welcome! Pardon the dust."

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  1. What “uncategorized” category? I don’t see it in the list. Did you finish it up already?

  2. drfaulken says:

    Yep — I was up late last night and did the rest of them.