By September 4, 2005

Well, at least none of the PCs died ….

Tonight was the first round of my zombie campaign with Lady Jaye, Bond, and Cleopatra. The game is based off of the Year of the Zombie setting for D20 Modern, as I discussed earlier last month.

I have to say that things went more smoothly than I expected. It has been 12 years since I’ve run a game. Lady Jaye and I drew up half of her character before Bond and Cleopatra arrived. I’d already drawn a full NPC and have been playing 3.5 AD&D over at the Captain’s house, but even then I didn’t fully understand the differences between D20 Modern and 3.5 AD&D. Things like Talents bogged the character generation down a bit, but we all made it through the process okay.

So, the group started out in three different situations — Lady Jaye’s character is an epidemiologist, while Bond’s character is an Army reservist activated by the “bioterrorist attack” on nearby Fort Bragg. Cleopatra’s yoga instructor by day, pole dancer by night had just said goodbye to her class (literally, it turned out) when a man shambled in and bit one of her students.

I’ll spare you the other details of the encounter, but we ended the evening with the characters together, in Bond’s fully fueled Hummer H3 with a trunk full of gas station munchies, two propane tanks, and a few small arms.

Total body count:
Player Characters: 0
Named NPCs: 3
Unnamed NPCs, including “security guard,” “gas station attendant,” and “police officer”: 4
Zombies: Over a dozen, including “Avery,” an NPC put into Lady Jaye’s car by a do-gooder NPC who wound up being shot for being bitten by a zombie (I counted Avery twice, as he Rose, but only counted Brad the NPC once).
Wrecked cars: 2, 3 if you count Lady Jaye’s blood-spattered SUV left at the gas station.

High points of the game included Cleopatra sitting in her yoga studio office with the door locked while one zombie killed her entire class of 10; Lady Jaye making the first civilian kill of the game (gas station attendant) and tricking bitten-Brad into giving up his shotgun so she could shoot him; and Bond scoring a natural 20 critical hit on Jason, a member of the Red Cross and friend of Lady Jaye’s, after Jason was bitten by Avery in the SUV.

I had fun, and hopefully the group did as well.

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