By March 24, 2008

Well, that was cold.

Just got back from riding around a bit and visiting my friends Bond and Donut. I was zipped up in my lined textile jacket, lined textile pants, Sidi waterproof boots, and my trusty Held Ninja gloves. I cruised the twenty-some miles up the highway to see them.

It was a little chilly on the way up, even with my wicking base layer and SmartWool socks. Bond’s girlfriend asked me if I was cold. “My thumbs are, ” I replied. “I have sensitive thumbs, apparently.” I kissed the tops of my thumbs, feeling sorry for them.

I left about two hours later or so. I put my balaclava on, mostly because cold air was rushing under my helmet. The wind stung my face where my beard used to be. I shifted my paws around my heated grips, trying to warm up my thumbs and pinky fingers. Boy, was it this cold when I left?

I felt the all-too familiar numb-burning sensation from my bout of exposure in 2005. My heated grips were set to high, but my pinky and thumb on each hand weren’t getting warm fast enough. I flexed my fingers to try to get them to warm up, but eventually just thought, “fuck it,” and sped up. What a sweet sound the wind makes roaring around a bike at triple-digit speeds.

I computed the windchill after I got home: 8°F. Hopefully I won’t have the same sandpaper-on-sunburnt-skin feeling from last time. 🙂

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