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Wenger signal card emergency mirror review

One of the suggested items in any preparedness kit is a signalling tool. They can be used to communicate with a rescue plane or helicopter. Or if you’ve seen the Hills Have Eyes remake, you can signal your mutant half-brother to initiate a raid. Any mirror-like item will do, but there are many special-purpose emergency mirrors. One such tool is the Wenger signal card, sold by EDC Depot. I purchased the signal card at the same time as the Fox Howler rescue whistle that I reviewed earlier. EDC Depot processed my order quickly, and I would recommend them to anyone.

The Wenger card is about the width and length of a deck of cards, and about as thin as two or three credit cards. It is plastic with a (cheap) mirrored surface on one side. The signal card has a toothpick, pair of tweezers, a serrated blade, and a flathead screwdriver/can-opener. If you have ever seen a Swiss Army knife, you are familiar with the toothpick and tweezer design. One side of the card is ruled, in inches. You’re going to be in some deep shit if you have to measure more than a few card’s-worth of distance.

The good thing about the Wenger signal card is that it will reflect light, and the tools it contains are probably better than nothing. The benefits stop there. The tools are cheaply constructed out of thin metal. I am not too concerned about the knife malfunctioning on me, but I can just imagine the can opener bit shearing off and embedding itself in my thumb.
Good luck with that fucking can opener.

I was miffed to find that the mirrored surface was already scratched to hell when I received it from EDC. I decided it wasn’t that big of a deal. I’m not going to use this to make sure my hair is pretty for the rescue chopper. I expected better packaging.
The Wenger signal card is approximately two AA batteries, or one Ron Jeremy, long.

The Wenger signal card is good enough for crossing off “signalling” on your preps list. If I had to do it over again, I would have gotten a dedicated mirror device with a “sight” in the center, similar to the Adventure Medical Kits rescue mirror. Granted, I shouldn’t have expected much from the $5 Wenger, but I am still a touch disappointed.

Wenger signal card, I flash out:
Three out of five STFU mugs!

full STFU mug full STFU mug full STFU mug empty STFU mugempty STFU mug

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  1. Could you explain the deal with the “sight” in the center? I see “retro-reflective aiming aid” on the description of the rescue mirror you linked to, but I’m not clear on how that would function.

  2. drfaulken says:

    So, with a regular signalling device, you have to guess where you’re aiming — or the object has to be close enough that you see the reflection.

    With a “sighted” mirror, you look through the center of it. If you can see your target, they can see the light you are reflecting.

  3. Stomper says:

    Oh that’s really cool and useful.

  4. Ed says:

    Seems kind of cheap, do you know if there are better models out there?

  5. drfaulken says:

    The Adventure Medical Kits rescue mirror I linked is supposed to be better.