By January 11, 2007

What coffee roast are you?

Yeah, it’s time for one of these “what the fuck are you?” tests. I was going to write up my portable propane heater, but that’s going to have to wait for another day.

Stomper sent in this very interesting test devised by a local tea and coffee company here in Richmond: the Coffee Personality Test. Here’s how I rated in the short five-part questionnaire:

You are Breakfast Blend. A blend of French Roast, Bourbon Santos and Guatemala Antigua. You have the highest caffeine content of all blends. Compared to you, Mountain Dew is for sissies.

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  1. ms_lady_jaye says:

    You are Papua New Guinea, from the South Pacific. You have a full flavor and caramel overtones. If you could, you’d move to a small island and live a simple life – like Robinson Crusoe – but with satellite television.

    java-licious 🙂

  2. Stomper says:

    Hey Doc you copied me!! I’m Breakfast Blend!
    :-P. ummmm caffeine is good.

    I wonder if there’s more than one way to end up being Breakfast Blend cuz I can’t see us answering all 5 questions the same way.

  3. Duke says:

    You are Columbian Vintage. You are connected spiritually with the Maya civilization. You must visit the pyramid in San Felipe, Columbia. Really, go now… you are late. Xtopxlotle is waiting by the steps.

    I hope this doesn’t mean that I should be barbaric person who practices pagan rituals …….. maybe I should go see Apocalypcto so I will know how to act …

    I always get a kick out of the tests you post.

  4. You are not a coffee personality at all. You are the rare Green Tea personality. Reserved, mysterious, subtle and zen-like. You may know the sound of one hand clapping. You are working on advanced Buddhist theories about three hands clapping.

  5. Hmm… The Papua as well.

    I’m just bummed that these tests usually don’t have more than four to five questions 🙂

  6. Ed says:

    You are Viennese Roast. You have a heavy flavor. You are philosophical and deep with an appreciation for classical music. You enjoy dressing in black and sitting in sidewalk cafes looking cool. And you really do look cool. I wouldn’t kid you about that.

  7. Mike says:

    You are Kenya coffee. You are hearty, rich and full of flavor. Simple and strong. Soon you will go on a safari with Jeff Corwin. You will both wear silky shirts which show your nipples.