By March 28, 2008

Where the F have you been?

In the United States, that is.

Shall we play a game? Go to EPG Soft’s Visited States Map generator. This is a three-part challenge, so grab some coffee, tea, or whatever the fuck you’re drinking today.

Select all states you’ve lived in for six months or more.

Now plug in the states in the US you’ve visited besides layovers in airports. It doesn’t matter why you were there, or if you were traveling through via car.

Okay, now select the states you’ve visited by motorcycle, bicycle, or train. Only include places you’ve traveled on this one.

I am pretty sure I turned on image linking on Gibberish since the last time we had a quiz/poll, but send me an email if you’re having problems linking from your photo host to here.

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8 Comments on "Where the F have you been?"

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  1. Me! says:

    6mos or more:

    Just visited:

  2. Ed says:

    I can’t attach pictures. My tech skills seem low.

  3. drfaulken says:

    Hey, try again. Sorry about that. I’ve added the ability to add images via a plugin.

  4. mahuddle1 says:

    6 months:

    Visited (not shown: Hawaii):

    Motorcycle, Bicycle or Train:
    Never been on a motorcycle or train. Rode my bicycle some in Virginia.

    I’m a real Virginia homebody. 🙁

    You’ve tried to link to a dynamically generated image (check the parameters in the URL). You’ll have to put the images on a host somewhere, like Flickr, etc.

    Everyone else should be able to add images via the standard HTML img tag now. The plugin I tried sucked 🙂

  5. roclar says:

    Lived in:


    Bike, Train, and Motorcycle:

  6. Ed says:

    Hmm, the whole motorcycle being included with bikes and trains sounds like an attempt to inflate Doc’s stats.

  7. Jim Shoe says:



    Alternate Travel:

  8. Jim Shoe says:

    Oops, Lived is supposed to look like this: