By April 3, 2008


Never, in my entire life, has it felt so good to quit a job. I just put in my two week’s notice where I was contracting. I am going to work for a company here in town, but even without a place to jump I probably would have left after today anyway.

I had a dream last night that I told my boss to shut up during a conference call. It almost came true today.

“DrFaulken,” she said in her extra-loud voice, “why didn’t you review the Web site I sent you and evaluate it for this wireframe [that I had built]?”

What the fuck was she talking about? I began to sweat.

Everyone else on the call was silent.

I am a paranoid dude by nature. I’m the guy with over two thousand rounds of rifle ammunition, for fuck’s sake. But working for this woman the last three months has taken my ass-covery to a whole new level. I flipped back through my notes, a trickle of sweat rolling down my left side.

“On March 24th you specifically told me not to evaluate that site as it was using a new technology and it would generate more questions than answers.”

The line was silent again, and then she continued on without missing another beat, talking about why she loved this other site so much and how we should redo all of our work to replicate it.

She apologized to me in private after the call was over.

I feel badly about leaving some good people behind and not trying to be part of the solution, but simply ducking away from the problem. However, I would become accustomed to my boss’s behavior, and come to accept it as business as usual, and not the gross lack of professionalism that it was.

Please keep discussion of the business or people involved anonymous, Gibberish gets spidered by search engines and I don’t want this popping up somewhere when people search for “pissed off employees of XYZ.”


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  1. Starbuck says:

    I am proud of you

  2. mahuddle1 says:

    Yeah, good for you.

    It should be a rule: Attempt to castigate in public (especially with no basis) then apologize in private = GTFO.

  3. Configures says:

    Hurray! I look forward to hearing more about your new gig.

    Also, I like the tags on this entry. 🙂

  4. Good for you Doc, good for you 🙂

    I’m just glad you had another job lined up. I’m also curious to hear about the new job!