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White Peony Tea Review

As I noted in my write up on, Lady Jaye and I have been drinking more tea these days and less coffee. I’ve gone so far as to drink a heavier green tea in the morning instead of making a pot of drip coffee or even a cannister of French press. White and green tea is rich in anti-oxidants, and while I’m not really concerned about my anti-oxidant intake or suppressing free radicals, it’s better than drinking a can of diet soda that breaks down into formaldehyde in my body.

My afternoon-to-early-evening tea is the white peony tea, known on Adagio as their “White A’ Cappella” tea. I like this white loose leaf because it has a very light taste and can be enjoyed when it is tepid. With Rosie around now it’s tough to enjoy an entire 16oz of tea before it gets a little cool. Green tea, even with the leaves securely mashed into the bottom of the diffuser, tastes bitter when it’s cooler. Not so much with white tea. Now, granted, I like it better hot, but the white peony is mild enough to be enjoyed hot or warm. Hell, it might even be good iced.

I recently bought the 3oz tall can from Adagio for $10 before shipping. According to their calculations, that turns out to be 0.27 a cup. That’s almost double what their Earl Grey will cost you, and Adagio isn’t known for their rock bottom prices. You can grab a sample for $2 (makes about five cups). The white peony is also featured in Adagio’s white sampler set for $10 if you want to try a few different selections.

After trying out the white peony and the other three white teas in the sampler set, I reordered the peony because while mild, it did have more flavor than, say, the “Snowbud Finale.” The Snowbud Finale is known as Adagio’s lightest tea, and it was like drinking water with a few drops of tea in it. The “Silver Needle” blend is nice, but at 0.48 a cup for the larger cannister I felt that it was too expensive to be my daily drinker. Rounding out the sampler is the Song Yang (“Song Yang Serenade”). It’s the same price as the white peony tea I repurchased, but just didn’t have enough firepower to hold my interest. If I had to rank the four white teas in the sampler, I’d say (top being best/most flavorful):

  • Silver Needle
  • White Peony
  • Song Yang
  • Snowbud

Anyway, your appreciation of this tea will be just as subjective as mine. If you’re new to white tea I recommend starting out with the sampler. It also makes a great gift. If you are already a tea drinker or have a steady relationship with white teas, give the white peony a shot if you haven’t already.

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  1. larimar_sky says:

    I agree cool green tea isn’t so good. I’ve tried a few white teas and they’re too mild for me. But I’ve found another tea, red “tea” that is very good hot, luke warm or iced and that’s Rooibos. Not a true tea. It’s actually an African bush/shrub – and it’s red. More antioxidants, vits, and minerals than green or white tea.
    I got hooked on it at the Teavana store at Tyson’s Corners. They have a web site — the nice thing abou the store is that you can smell/sample just about any tea they have in stock. They have a large menu of teas. The stores smell fantastic.