By July 11, 2006

Who Needs an Engine, Anyway?

I’m flying out to San Francisco today on business. Despite my (very DrFaulken-esque) mis-direction on the way to the airport, I arrived on time to the gate. We boarded a very modern and clean MD-88 jet, everyone took their seats, and we went through all of the pre-flight hooha that only I listen to. The plane crept to the runway and we’re cleared for takeoff. The engines roared, the plane shook slightly. I put my head back and closed my eyes, half-asleep already. The engines returned to idle, and I immediately knew something was wrong.

Turns out that one of our engines threw a warning indicator light. A two minute on-strip diagnostic turned into a ten minute at-gate inspection which turned into a full deplane and flight cancellation. It took the four gate attendants over an hour just to reroute the passengers. I missed my connecting flight by the time I got to the gate, so I was pretty blase about the whole affair. A new mother and father were bickering at each other; the wife telling the husband to do the obvious (“try to get us on the next flight”), the husband being a total cockmaster (“I got us on the flight” “How?” “My magic wand.”). Other than those two unfortunate breeders, the rest of the passengers were very polite.

I’m stuck in the airport for another two hours, and will arrive six hours later than original scheduled. Not too big of a deal, except that a half-dozen of my California-based co-workers and ex-co-workers were going to meet me for lunch. What a bummer. Oh well, at least the airport has wireless and I’ve notified everyone who was going to wait for me.

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  1. Markie says:

    You are not the only one that listens to the pre-flight… I always check out the material expecting to see one of safety cards out of fight club… no such luck.

    The delays have also hit me more than once. I find a call to the 800 number for the airline while waiting in line gets me the last open seat of the flight without waiting… Think of it as skipping to the front of the line.