By December 22, 2006

Wikipedia fundraiser

You have ten days left to make a 2006 tax year deductible donation to Wikipedia. As stated on the deductibility of donations page, Wikipedia is classified as tax exempt, and your donations are exempt from US federal taxes. I use Wikipedia at least once a day, and it feels nice to kick a little back.

Just in case you missed it the first time, here’s the fundraising link.

Also, if you work for the same company that I do, our employer will match your gift up to $5,000. Double up your donation! See our corporate intranet for more details, or email my work email address for more info/help.

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  1. That’s pretty damn cool of your employer!

    I’m wondering whether Snow would do such a thing. Maybe, maybe not. Doubt it though, since it’s not a dutch effort.

  2. drfaulken says:

    I wonder if there is a Dutch local Wikimedia office, and if so if your company might match a donation to them.

    I found out that an anonymous donor was matching all donations for the day I made mine, so that’s x3 my donation for the price of one!

    Aside from Ars and MusicBrainz, I don’t think I have made any other online donations. Hopefully Wikimedia gets the cashola they need.

  3. Thanks for the reminder.

    Do you think Wikipedia matches the “not anti-corporate” standard our employer gives for charitable contributions? I haven’t asked them what that means. Does it just mean “not those anti-corporate-personhood foundations”, or “no environmentalists”, or does it mean “no group which competes with any corporations” (any open source group, Wikipedia competes with Encyclopedia, etc.)?

  4. drfaulken says:

    I could be wrong, but I couldn’t possibly imagine why Wikimedia would be considered “anti-corporate” by our employer. Your first definition is probably more accurate.

    Free/open source vs commercial/closed is probably not the determining factor. If the latter definition were true, then the corporation wouldn’t match donations to the Red Cross, as they may provide free light medical services to those that should go to a commercial hospital.