By July 2, 2006

Wikipedia Searching In Firefox

Like most Web-savvy damn dirty apes, I use Google and Wikipedia to find information several times a day. After awhile, I got tired of typing in and then plunking in my search terms. I started looking for a better, more efficient way to look up information.

I have a Firefox extension which serves as a Google toolbar, leaving Firefox’s default search box underutilized. I downloaded the Wikipedia search engine plugin for Firefox, and now my default search box is set to query Wikipedia.

I also grabbed the Wikipedia lookup extension, which allows you to highlight any terms in Firefox, right click on them, and look them up in Wikipedia. I’ve selected the word “wikipedia” here and right clicked on it. This is what the contextual menu looks like:

Wikipedia lookup menu

If I see something that I’d like more information about, I highlight it and look it up via the WLE. If I just interested in a topic, or need information for a Gibberish post, I use the search engine plugin. For example, I used the search engine plugin when I looked up information for the Settlers of Catan article I wrote.

Is this a big deal? Nope, not at all. But if you like to use Wikipedia (or any other information repository that might have a Firefox search engine plugin), you can save yourself some time and add some utility for the cost of about ten minutes.

I also added a wiki page with information on how to install both the extension and the search engine.

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  1. Bond says:

    Pretty smooth. I frequently use google in the following manner:

    “Search Term” wiki

    99% of the time that brings me to the corresponding wiki article. I do like that plug-in however.