By October 1, 2008

Will you survive “The Outbreak?”

A really awesome interactive movie entitled “The Outbreak” puts you in a starring role against an advancing zombie horde. It’s part choose-your-own-adventure, and part Night of the Living Dead.

Warning: not safe at the average workplace due to language, violence, and gore.

Play the movie once (or whatever) and then read the rest of my entry.

I died during my first play because I chose mobility over staying in the house. According to the logic of Max Brook’s Zombie Survival Guide, staying on the move is (often) preferable to staying put. Why wait for a zombie horde to swarm the house when you could be one step ahead? Furthermore, I wasn’t happy about the random car-crash that killed me. According to that kind of “random accident” logic, I could have also died by falling down the stairs if I stayed in the house.

However, the abrupt ending of my first experience with The Outbreak reinforces its thematic elements: this is shot like a zombie movie, where anything could and might happen. When the characters tried to start the car in the garage, I was like, “shit, it’s not going to start, just like in every movie.” Then when the car started I thought, “shit, it’s only going to have a quarter-tank of gas, just like in every movie.” And when the zombie was clinging to the hood and got blood on the windshield I knew that we were going to crash … just like in every movie.

The Outbreak may not appease your inner zombie survivalist nerd, but it will definitely engage your zombie movie-loving spirit.

Check it out, maybe you can survive The Outbreak.

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  1. Spectre says:

    I didn’t like how for your first decision you had to save the guy, or no matter what you choose after that you were going to die. All in all though it was fun and different.