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Wilting Rosie

We first noticed something was wrong with Rosie a little over a month ago. Her eyes were producing a lot of mucus. The area around one of her eyes was really swollen, to the point I wondered if something hit her. Sedagive? took her to the vet, and we got some eye drops that made everything better.

Rosie also had some problems eating her food. She had trouble with larger, harder bites like chunks of sweet potato. We figured she had a problem with a tooth. I checked her teeth, and while there was definitely something wrong I didn’t detect any loose or discolored teeth. I figured she hurt her mouth but given time she’d be okay.

Fast forward to last Saturday. I was installing a new power supply in my main computer. Porter and Pearl came over to “help.” The only thing odd about one dog sitting in my lap and another nudging my face with her nose was that there wasn’t a third dog trying to get my attention. Rosie was on the couch, very still and very quiet.

I walked over to her and she raised her head slowly. Her whole body was trembling, and her face was distorted. It was like someone had pumped a bunch of air into her head, Dig-Dug style.

Sedagive? called the vet we used when we lived in another part of town. They knew our dogs the best, and we figured they were our best shot.

I was afraid they would be closed, being the weekend and all. No one answered. Sedagive? left a message, and then called our newer vet closer to home. No answer from them, either.

A few minutes later the newer vet called back. He was about to leave for the day, but if we hurried he’d see Rosie. All of us, the vet included, thought Rosie had an abscessed tooth, and it would be an open and shut deal to fix her up.

Rosie’s face is distorted and swollen. Her eyes are also weepy

We did some preliminary investigation with the vet tech (Rosie’s down 9 pounds since starting the raw diet, yay!) and waited for the vet to come in.

“Wow,” he said.

The next 45 minutes consisted of examining Rosie and hypothesizing about her condition.

  • Her teeth were fine
  • Her jaw would not open more than about an inch and a half
  • We are not considering rabies at this time
  • Fungal infection of the jaw and face is the strongest candidate right now
  • It is possible she contracted tetanus
  • Rosie is eating and drinking as normal, as long as you count her discomfort with opening her jaw very much
  • Rosie coughs when slight pressure is put on her throat. Her breathing sounded fine according to our vet, but the cough was symptomatic of kennel cough or other respiratory infection
  • Rosie got an antibiotic injection and is taking previcox for pain and primor for any infection.
  • We did a battery of blood tests, we’ll get the results later today

Be brave, little Rosie Doodle

So far my little Doodle is much better. She’s been wagging her tail a lot today, ate fine last night and this morning, and is moving around a lot more.

I hope her results come back with an indication of what’s going wrong. We’re going to continue using the medication until Wednesday, and then make a decision on an Xray or CT scan when our new vet’s technician is in.

Keep your fingers crossed for Rosie, and I’ll update you all when I have more information.

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