By May 1, 2008

Working like a dog

I thought you might like to see what my dogs do while I am slaving away to make enough money to buy them cookies.

Sorry for the quality, they came from a cameraphone but were just so cute I had to post them.

Pearl busy making sure the toys don’t violate their parole conditions. She also sleeps with her head in the basket sometimes.

Porter overseeing the proper maintenance of my Donkey Konga and Taiko Drum Master drums. Observe how his legs are ready to propel him into action in case anyone tries to play without proper supervision.

Rosie is doing a very important job. She’s keeping Starbuck’s lap warm. There’s a gray fleece blanket in the picture as well … and that’s because I keep the house at about 68°F now that my niece isn’t around any more to complain about it being so cold. I wouldn’t want Starbuck to freeze to death. Come to think of it, maybe Rosie is cold, and Starbuck is hard at work keeping her warm. 😉

Big thanks to Starbuck for not only taking these pictures, but for watching my babies while I am at work.

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  1. Starbuck says:

    Wow, my camara phone sucks…hahaha. You are very welcome. They are good little babies and they give good cuddles.