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Wusthof Come-Apart Kitchen Shears Review

Earlier in the year I bought a Crowd Cut coupon to sharpen ten knives. If I hustled, I could get a free set of Wusthof kitchen shears. Big deal, I thought. We already had a set of kitchen scissors, and they were heavy and sturdy and manly enough. We also snipped up pieces of used aluminum foil to keep them sharp. Who needed an extra set? I figured I’d give them a try, but pass ’em on to our friend Bert since I was sure they’d be the same as the Oxo ones we already had.

Great googly moogly. What a nice set of shears, and as an added bonus they came apart for easier cleaning.

Here’s part of what $20 will buy you on Amazon or certain local knife stores.

At eight inches in length, the shears are big enough to get the job done without being too big and bulky. Sedagive? has tiny little mouse paws, but she can still snip the hell out of stuff. The shears are made out of stainless steel, although ours have some sort of tarnishing on them.

The handles are made of plastic that’s easy on the hands, even when cutting through thicker objects. We’ve used them on flower stems and they work great.

There’s some sort of weird teeth in the center of the scissors that I am too ignorant to understand. Some reports online indicate it’s for opening jars, Wusthof’s product information mentions a “bone crusher” but I am not sure if that’s right, either.

My favorite part is that the scissors come apart easily, thanks to a keyed center. We wash the shears by hand with dish soap and a scrub brush and hand dry them, just like all of our other cutlery. I never realized how handy a feature this was until I took the shears apart for the first time.

Now, I got these shears for free and that certainly goes a long way with me, but in researching them as gifts for friends I’ve discovered you can buy the set online for $20, or you can get a combination shear and 3″ paring knife for the same price. There are rumors floating about that the knife may or may not be made in Germany. There is also conflicting information if the set comes with the 4022 knife or the 4060 4″ spear point knife. In either case, they’re stamped and not forged. Depending on the knife, you’re getting a $13 or a $18 knife for free. Better than a sharp stick in the eye!

Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed the Wusthof come-apart shears and recommend them to anyone looking for something in that price range. Most folks will be just fine with the quality of the shears — some home chefs state that some tasks are better with heavier-duty models. If you can find the pack-in paring knife for the same price, more’s the better.

Strongly recommended

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