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X-blades folding utility knife review

Always on the lookout for a new boxcutter, I was intrigued by the X-blades folding utility knife found at Costco. What interested me the most was the price (five for $17), and that the blades were replaceable razor blades. Each knife comes with ten replacement blades, or sixty blades to a box, or one hundred and twenty cutting surfaces. Sounds like a bargain, especially for someone like me who is too lazy to keep a knife properly sharpened.
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I brought the X-blades home and cut into the packaging with a pair of scissors, of all things. Strike one: the packaging for each knife is blister-sealed to the absolute edge of the product. It’s impossible to get the knife out without a lot of scissors work. I know it’s minor in lieu of what I’m about to write, but it was a bad omen.

The X-blade has a clip on one side and a stem on the blade area. The stem is there to allow one-handed opening. If I’m holding a box and want to open it, I should be able to reach into my pocket, retrieve the blade easily due to the clip, and open it easily due to the stem. Unfortunately the X-blade knifes have an incredibly rough action, and it is impossible for me to deploy the knife one handed. I tried using a spray lubricant and working the knife opened and closed (thanks, boring conference call!), but the action was still too tough. Using two hands to open a knife? That’s so 1980s.

Despite being bargain-priced, the X-blades folding utility knife does not suit my needs if it can’t be opened with one hand. I’ll keep the knifes around as basically throw-aways, but I’m very disappointed.

Two out of five STFU mugs.
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  1. Kenny Meyer says:

    I have really gotten used to the X-Blade knives.

    Are you interested in selling your remanining knives?

    I cannot find them at my local Costco anymore.
    No luck online either.


  2. DrFaulken says:

    Hi Kenny,

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the knives anywhere online, either. I wonder if the opening action proved too much.

    You might be able to find a similar knife made by someone else, such as this 12113 model by Sheffield.

    Despite disliking the rough action on the X-Blades, I have uses for the ones I have and am going to keep them.

    Good luck!

  3. Dan Courtland says:

    I found your knives. I too think these knives are excellent, as the blade release button is far enough away from your guide finger not to interfere with cutting. I use these knives on a daily basis and have found them to be a superior design. Sheffield actually does carry the xblades product line apparantly. Go to google and type in xblades razor knives. This will take you to the Sheffield narrowboats website. Good luck.

  4. Kenny Meyer says:

    I tried on line at Sheffield’s and had no luck finding them there either.
    I will keep looking.

  5. mef says:

    Dr Faulkner, Would you sell me one of those X blades knives? I can’t buy one anywhere, i have searched everywhere on the internet but no success, they seem to be no longer available.

    Thanks, Martin