By September 14, 2005

XM Roady2 Install Report

Richmond has GREAT radio. If you like stuff that was popular in the late 90s. They still rawk out to all those great angsty bands of yesteryear — Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and Godsmack. Now that Lady Jaye has a twenty five minute drive to work, the lack of radio diversity was really getting to her. So, I picked up two XM Satellite Radio Roady2 receivers from for $40 shipped (that’s over 50% off the regular price).

Lady Jaye’s Mazda3 doesn’t have an auxiliary input, so I had to buy an adapter from that mimics the electronic interface of an in-trunk CD changer. I also bought a cable that had a typical minijack on one end (the kind you plug into a headphone jack) that plugged into the PIE box I got from

I’d installed a few aftermarket car head units in my day, and I wasn’t too nervous about cracking open Lady Jaye’s 2005 Mazda3. I downloaded some instructions from the Web on how to remove the fascia, and began taking her dash apart. It went easier than I thought — I didn’t take pictures because really, who gives a shit? But it was definitely an easy procedure. The hardest part was threading the three different wires from the back of the head unit through one of the vents. The Roady2, about the size of a small deck of cards, is mounted on one of the vents for now. If we decide we want to move the Roady2 we can, although after talking about it there aren’t a whole lot of other convenient placement options in the 3.

I also hardwired the power for the Roady2 to the cigarette lighter plug in Lady Jaye’s car, which was very straightforward but still made me nervous. I’m a bit dodgy when it comes to dealing with electricity, but everything worked out fine. I disassembled the cigarette plug adapter that came with the Roady2, clipped the positive and negative wires off of the charger’s PCB, and then spliced them into the power running to the cigarette lighter plug.

The Roady2 is receiving the scheduling information now from The Heavens™, I’ll give a report on XM and the Roady2 in particular once Lady Jaye has had a chance to use it for a bit. I’ll already tell you, XM’s Web site fucking sucks and doesn’t run in Firefox. But we’ll save all my favorite four letter words for another time.

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