By July 16, 2006

Yeti Bubbles

Try out this Flash-based game for a time waster: Yeti Bubbles. The object of the game is to shoot colored balls one at a time towards an ever-approaching wave of colored balls. If you match up three or more balls of the same color, they are cleared from play. The game is over if the wall-of-balls (no, not that frightful evening you spent in jail) gets to the bottom of the screen. More colors are added as the level progresses, and the starting position of the WoB is closer to the bottom.

Special balls like the dot sight and TNT make for slight variations on strategy and shot placement, but all in all this is a simple shooting game.

So far I’ve only completed level 9, I’m not sure if level 10 is the final level or not.

[edit] Go go compulsive behavior!

I finished level 10, it is indeed the final level. It got pretty white-knuckle at the end, but I did it. Here’s a screen shot, with a final score of 3873. What’s your best?

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