By April 24, 2007

You did not find Set of 3 Small Play Tents to be cool. has implemented a new ranking system for their nightly products. This is an interesting approach to the phenomenon of these “deal a day” sites: initially a site will bust out onto the scene with niche products, only to have to diversify later to make more money. Some sites, like, completely lose focus. Woot used to have extremely good deals on electronics and computer equipment, with sellouts happening frequently. Now they have a lot of upscale items from all sorts of genres.

Tanga has started to fall into this trap. Their daily items used to be mostly games, and a vast majority of my purchases with Tanga were games I’d never heard of, or were out of print/hard to find elsewhere. Now Tanga has all sorts of junk, such as the namesake of this post: the set of three small play tents.

The system is easy. A dialog is at the bottom of the item of the day’s description:
Make your selection. Hint: it’s the option on the right.
Sweet shopping justice. By the time I clicked “No,” more naysayers had rallied behind the thumbs-down banner.

Hopefully Tanga will use this to prove that most of their items these days are snoozers. I remember frantically jamming the “BUY NOW” button because I was afraid a game would sell out before my order could complete.

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  1. Stomper says:

    Thanks Doc – hmmm I had missed this because on things that are not of interest I rarely read to the bottom of the page. There haven’t been many that have interested me lately. Thumbs down on the mini tents and on the under the counter TV. We want fun games at Tanga!