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Zeikos ZE-WRC5 Wireless Remote for Canon digital cameras review

I love getting more than I paid for. I like searching out high-priced items that are on discount, or finding off-brand or re-branded items of quality. My Quantaray bounce flash has been a great example; I paid $90 for it and it does everything I need. The Canon alternative is no doubt better, but it is also $380.

A remote shutter release is a fancy name for a remote control that makes your camera take a picture. I have been using a hacked up cell phone headset cord to decent effect. However, the cord is only three feet long and it made for some interesting camera angles (it’s one of the reasons a lot of my body shots are at an upward angle). I wanted a wireless remote for my camera, but didn’t want to spend $30 or more on a Canon one. So I was pretty excited when I plunked down $10 for the ZE-WRC5 remote shutter release by Zeikos for my Canon Digital Rebel.
The Zeikos ZE-WRC5 remote, with SD card for reference.

Amazon Prime delivered my order in the usual two days. I was pretty stoked, and immediately set my camera up to take a picture with the remote. I pushed the shutter release button and nothing happened. I made sure the battery was in correctly (it was). I waved the remote around while holding the button down. Hrm. Was the battery dead? I kept the button held down and flipped the remote over again to remove the battery.


What the hell?

It turns out that the Zeikos remote does work … but not reliably. I tried putting the remote in front of the camera at different angles and heights. I tried standing close, I tried standing far away. The only thing that was consistent about the Zeikos is that it wasn’t consistent. I also never got the zoom function or the two second release to work.

Short story even shorter: the Zeikos ZE-WRC5 is a piece of shit and you should take your Hamilton and put it towards a real Canon remote shutter release.

Not recommended.

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