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Zigity card game review

With a tagline of “Looking for 10 minutes of fun?” how could one go wrong with Zigity, a game brought to you by the same folks who made the fantastic party game Cranium? Lady Jaye picked this up for us for our anniversary last month.

Zigity is a card game for two “or more” players. Each player is dealt seven cards. You may look at your cards, but keep them to yourself. The rest of the deck is used as the draw pile. There are three types of cards in Zigity: “free” cards that are like wild cards, action cards, and character cards. Each character card features one of four little duders — if you’ve played Cranium before you’ll recognize them. Each character card has a special goal in order to complete a set. You may only play cards from your hand if you can complete a set. For example, Creative Cat requires that you fill in three parts of his picture. If you only have the left and center sections of his picture, you can’t play and must draw one card. The object of the game is to get rid of all of your cards.
All three parts of the Creative Cat portrait, completing his set.

Zigity uses clear plastic cards (similar to the previously reviewed Gloom card game) that allow for stacked card gameplay. The gimick is most obvious with Creative Cat, since that set requires you to build a complete portrait. Unfortunately if you are a shrewd player (or play with shrewd players), the clear card design allows for an exploit. Most people I know hold their cards in a “fan” formation, with their fingers grasping the center of their cards. Opposing players can see the corners of your cards. While on most sets this isn’t a big deal, the Creative Cat set clearly shows what part of the portraits you have in your hand. If you only have the center part of the portrait, opposing players know that you are vulnerable to CC sets and may play them repeatedly in order to go out. Lady Jaye and I got around this by holding our cards so that the bottom icons (where CC icon is) are obstructed by our hand. However, this technique may be difficult if you have a lot of cards and/or small hands.
A Datahead card. Each card has the components necessary to complete any character’s set.

The hardest part of the game is explaining how to play. The instructions aren’t terribly clear. Cranium’s instructions aren’t crystal either, so this isn’t much of a surprise. However, the game is easy to grasp once you see how it should be played. I feel silly typing this for a game as simple as Zigity, but you may want to have someone who’s already played teach it to you.

Once you figure out wtf you are doing the game goes by quickly. The broken promise of “this will last ten minutes” sounds familiar, as actual playtime may be as short as two or three minutes if a player is lucky. There is little strategy to Zigity, and only basic tactics. Don’t play sets that you think your opponents could complete. Try to set your sets up so that you can finish as many sets as possible at once. Even though the game is shallow it’s still fun, especially in a five game flurry. We haven’t playtested this game with more than two players yet. While I imagine the game would go on for a little bit longer, the simplicity of Zigity makes for short games.

I wouldn’t expect Zigity to be in the top ten games in your house to just pick up and play, especially if you don’t have children/mental dwarves in your house. However, if you need an inexpensive filler game for post-Arkham Horror chill outs, then Zigity is for you. The clear card is a nifty but unnecessary gimmick, and I fear for the durability of the cards, ala Gloom.

Zigity card game, I complete a STFU set with:
Three and a half STFU mugs!

full STFU mug full STFU mug full STFU mug Half empty or half full STFU mug? empty STFU mug

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  1. Stomper says:

    Hey Doc if I’d known you and Lady Jaye could have had my deck. It’s fun once or twice, maybe as a filler as you suggested, but not that exciting or funny. The coolest thing about it, as you indicated, is the gimmicky clear plastic cards. I’d probably have given it fewer mugs – but I think that’s because I had had higher expectations when I got it. I think it would be a good game/fun game for kids.

  2. Swing Sets says:

    Never heard of this game before but I’m sure my kids will love it. Thanks for the review.