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Zombicide House Rules

Zombicide is an amazing game. The basic game came out last year, and the first two expansions plus a shit-ton of bonus content is coming out this September thanks to an awesome Kickstarter campaign.

The base game is almost perfect. Here are some adjustments we’ve made so far.

Would we all live to fight another day, or die to a bad luck draw? House rules made Zombicide more fun for our gaming group.

House Rules

  • Removed all of the “go again” style cards. Zombie spawning cards normally dictate what kinds of zombies appear, and how many. There are some, however, that allow the zombies to move again. This is particularly damaging when a bunch of runners on are the board. We died several times due to this randomness, and it pissed everyone off. This has been our biggest change, and we like it a lot.
  • Call for backup. The game isn’t well-suited for four players. Each player gets one character, and that means you’re automatically two survivors down. The first adventure is a real bitch this way. We set the extra survivors aside and “rescue” them when opening a new structure. This allows us to refill our ranks during the inevitable player deaths.
  • Up to 8 players. So far we’ve played games with up to eight players. This makes the scenarios easy once survivors get good weapons and items, but we may start a game with four players and end it with eight as people filter in. Instead of making them watch or play another game, we just add them in with starter items (pan, pistol, crowbar, fireaxe). Next time we play with eight we may re-add the “go again” cards.
  • Just add more zombies. The standard rules state that if you run out of a type of zombie (e.g., walker) and you draw a walker card you make all of them move again. This is frustrating just like the “go again” and I think allows for some player-knowledge gaming (“we’re almost out of walkers, stop moving forward so much”). We use dice to indicate the number of zombies, and then put the zombie to the side of the die. 3 runners in a square? No problem, turn a D6 up to 2 and then put a runner next to it.

Overall we feel like this adds to the fun, social nature of how we play Zombicide. We focus on the heroic versus a grim-and-gritty style.

Do you have any Zombicide house rules? Give ours a try, and let us know if you like them or not.

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