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Zombie online P&P RPG sign up!

Okay, I got some good feedback in the zombie rpg v2.0 thread, and I am willing to try a remote game via the Internet. Thanks to some research and playtesting, we’ve decided on using the Fantasy Grounds virtual table top gaming software platform. It allows for all sorts of neat stuff, and comes with the AD&D 3.5 D20 ruleset. Registered users can download the D20 Modern rules for free. I’m leaning towards using D20M for the zombie campaign, mostly because my Year of the Zombie source material is also D20M.

Fantasy Grounds allows a lot of flexibility. Not fond of the D20 rules? You can import other rulesets, or write your own. You can also import any image in JPG or PNG format as a map, create custom “tokens” that represent characters, monsters, or items. It is possible (and expected) to write backstory and item descriptions that can be shared with the players.

And speaking of sharing source material: any ruleset material that is part of the module (say the D20M sourcebook) is shared with the entire gaming party. No more having to tote around fifty pounds of RPG books, or having to buy them in the first place. The GM makes sure the appropriate source material is in the module before starting, and the content is downloaded to the players before the gaming session starts.

Fantasy Grounds runs $35 for the GM license, and $19.95 for a player license. However, you can get a discount for multiple copies. The GM client and four player clients is $79, or a savings of $36 on single-unit pricing. If we get five folks together, we can split it to $16 each, which is pretty damn cheap considering that some people drive from Maryland to play now. There is a free demo you can download, but the demo is limited to two clients in a networked game, the AD&D ruleset, and an non-editable starter adventure.

We plan on using Skype to do voice chatting, leaving the built-in Fantasy Grounds text chat interface for player-to-GM conversations.

The reason I bring this all up is that we already have two people who want to play, with two more possibles. I’d like to buy a stack of licenses so I can start building the campaign with the GM tools. I’d like the limit the game to six people maximum, including me. I would like to play at least once every two weeks to start. I’m not sure how long the gaming sessions would last, but I reckon four hours or less. We can work out more details once we have an idea of who wants to play.

Interested? Send me an email or drop a comment in below.

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  1. Bond says:

    That software is really impressive. It seems like it would be fun to create new genres.

    I noticed a post in the official forums that offered a free rule set for a zombie style game. The person was looking to build a “Resident Evil” style game.

  2. Bond says:

    Is there any type of spectator mode with that app? I’d live to sit-in on a game if you get it going.

  3. drfaulken says:

    Interesting question. I’m not sure if paid licenses interfere with the limit of two demo licenses per game. I am also not sure if you can use demo licenses to play/watch any game other than the AD&D demo.

    If we decide on buying some, I’ll try connecting with the demo version.

  4. Markie says:

    I’m in…

    It has only been, oh 20 or so years since I played an RPG… This should be good.

    Do I get extra points if I have the mossberg loaded and ready to roll next to the computer while I play?

  5. drfaulken says:

    Yay! Welcome aboard!

    You only get bonus points if you play with the Mossberg loaded, the lights out, and headphones on. 😉

  6. I’m interested, but I’m guessing it would require an upgrade from dial-up (or playing at work, which I’m dubious about), which I doubt I’m going to get to in the next few weeks.

  7. drfaulken says:

    There will be plenty of opportunity to add you later if you’re interested. I’d be more than happy to make room for you.