By September 19, 2005

Zombiemania, Round Two

Lady Jaye, Cleopatra, Bond and I played our second session of Year of the Zombie this Saturday. We got a late start but still had a great time, especially considering I’d taken the red eye from San Fran and was operating on about three hours of sleep plus a nap.

At any rate, there were (again) no player character casualties, and everyone did a great job of keeping the pace of the game going. Not a whole lot of heel-dragging during the decision making, which helped feed the “omg wtf is going on keep moving!” atmosphere. Good stuff.

My favorite highlights include: Lady Jaye telling an NPC mother and her eight year old that if they were too slow or got bitten that she would kill them herself; Bond conning a National Guardsman watching a weapons/equipment cache to help his squad mates (resulting in his doom); and Cleopatra hanging out of the sunroof of the group’s H3 and smashing off of their moving car. The mental picture of a yoga instructor shrilling and bashing an undead paramedic off the side of a car still makes me grin. Who said yoga was for pansies?

At the end of the session, the group and some new friends were trapped on the rooftop of an infested hospital. They blasted away at a horde of oncoming zombies while an NPC in their group was frantically trying to unlock the door leading off the roof. There was a large janitor’s key ring of possibilities. Ironically, I rolled for a success the turn after the group put down the last zombie. Oh well, no one got bitten. This time 🙂

Final headcount:

  • Three National Guardsmen.
  • Roughly thirty zombies, including the one Cleopatra knocked off the side of the car and underneath the H3.
  • 0 player characters.

Pretty fun stuff, and I’m definitely happy with how things are turning out. The only thing I’d like better is to have another player or two. There’s been talk of guest player appearances by my friend Stilts and the Captain, but nothing firm yet. We’re set to play again in less than two weeks.

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