By December 17, 2013

10,000 Kettlebell Swing Challenge – Week 3

Two weeks ago, Sedagive? and I started the 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge. And by started, I mean did 200 swings and called it a day.

In the spirit of not giving up, we’ve been doing the best we can to swing to 10,000 repetitions.

Here’s what we’ve done and some preliminary results.


  • We both dropped the recommended kettlebell weight. I went from 50 pounds to 35 pounds. Sedagive? Went from 35 pounds down to 20. She’s worked her way into doing 35, 25, 20 depending on what subset (10, 15, 25, 50) and block of 100 she’s on.
  • We work out every other day. The workout recommends two days on, one day off. We’ll get there. So far the recovery days have been pretty brutal for me. I was very stiff for two days after completing the first 500 swing session, and for a few sessions thereafter. The day after the first 500 swings the backs of my legs were so tender I could feel it when I sat in my office chair. We did the swing workout yesterday, and my side-ass is still pretty tender.
  • Sedagive? has already seen results. She dropped almost a percent of body fat, which means she exchanged a pound of fat for a pound of muscle. Her weight remained the same.
  • I got skinny-fattier. This was pretty disheartening, but I went up 2% body fat since starting the work out but I dropped 3.6 pounds. That means I exchanged three pounds of muscle for three pounds of fat. This is the wrong fucking direction.
  • We’re getting stronger. Our times have gotten faster across the board. I am doing all of my movements with 35# and I am going to start using the 50# again starting tomorrow. Sedagive? is rocking it like crazy.

Conclusion going into week 3

This workout definitely kicks my ass. I blame myself for my results — I haven’t followed the workout 100% according to directions but I also feel like completing the workout is more important than doing it as directed. I might try using the 50# kettlebell and taking longer rests in between sets. My time will suffer, but I’ll use more weight.

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